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The art of sales...

Processes only take you so far. After that, you're on your own, reliant on your wits and cunning to close deals. Learn to react with agility and be better seller. Find out more

Confront your sales fears...

How often do we confront fears head-on, and ask prospects the hard questions? Learn to deal with challenges in a refreshingly honest way. We show you how. Find out more

Betray the sales process...

Learn how to address problems as they arise, mention the unmentionable, acknowledge roadblocks, admit uncertainty - and be a better salesperson because of it. Find out more

Get creative with closing deals...

Hop over hurdles with creative solutions to common sales challenges. We give you the power to think freely and get beyond the process. Find out more

Book online...

Ready to go? Book your Tactical Sales Training online now. And prepare to learn smart strategies that will shake up your sales. Find out more

You Are Making Too Much of Your Sales Process

What you do is special.   What you sell is like nothing else in the world, and no one else could possibly understand how different it is.  It’s full of complexities, nuances, and politics that make Read more

How Losing the World Cup was a sales failure

England will not be hosting the 2018 World Cup. Russia won the gig. But why did we lose?   There are loads of rumours flying around, including suggestions of ‘bungs and bribes, but nothing concrete. Read more

What can snow tech us about sales?

Believe it or not, the snow can teach us an important lesson about sales.   Snow brings disruption.Or outright chaos. People suffer, transport suffers, business suffers. Millions of pounds worth of Read more

Making Assumptions in Sales is a Big Mistake

One of the biggest mistakes that can be made in sales is making assumptions about prospective customers before doing any sort of investigating.  Do not get this confused with qualifying prospects. Qualifying Read more

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