Take My Calls / CommLink

Take My Calls and CommLink are sister companies. CommLink has been trading since 1997 and Take My Calls since 2017. We offer inbound call handling with live answer 24/7. We live answer 24 hours a day and we do not outsource any of our calls to any third party. We are ISO9001 approved.

Take My Calls is a telephone answering service aimed at sole traders, small/micro businesses with simple and straightforward  requirements and we provide simple and straightforward pricing. We offer packages of calls ranging from 10 a month to over 500 on a rolling monthly contract. Packages can change from month to month and you're not tied into us in any way.

Take My Calls also offers true PAYG telephone answering. Our service works just like a prepay mobile: top up the balance, run it down with each received call, and then either top it up again or let the service run out of funds. 

CommLink is a full-service high-availability call centre. We provide bespoke call-centre services handling inbound calls and emails. We build our service to match your exact requirements and these services can develop and change alongside your business. We can put data directly into your systems (e.g. leads, orders, service requests, etc.) or manage them completely within our own unique systems. We can handle anything from 1 call or email a year (we really do have a client that does that!) to over 1,000 a day. We're experienced with most telecoms portals and with a large number of service management systems.

Both companies are based out Pleasley Vale Mills in Mansfield. The Mills have the dubious honour of being in an episode of Most Haunted which, more scarily, was filmed right outside our call centre!

Take My Calls / CommLink Overview