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TAM UK - Leaders in specialist chemicals for waterproofing, leak sealing, repair and protection for the construction & building industry -

  • Sealing
  • Bonding
  • Ground Stabilising
  • Grouting
  • Coating
  • Repairing

Our company manufacture a broad spectrum of materials and systems including:

  • Waterproofing and Coatings
  • Construction and Repair
  • Leak Sealing and Stabilisation
  • Epoxies and Polymers
  • Pumps and Accessories
  • TamAcryl Acrylic resins
  • TamCrete Concrete additives and high build mortars
  • TamPlug fast setting plugging compounds
  • TamRez Epoxy resins
  • TamSeal Cement based products
  • TamSil silicate and siloxane coatings

Our materials and systems are manufactured to international and local standards and are utilised by some the leading construction and building firms in the world.

With sales and manufacturing offices worldwide, we are well positioned to serve the industry on a global scale providing full technical on site support and assistance.

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Leak Sealing

Water leakage often occurs through concrete cracks, concrete construction joints, masonry cracks and blockwork. The TamPur polyurethane injection resins have been designed specifically for such applications and range from low viscosity rapid reacting rigid leak sealing resins for high water cut off and void filling to flexible and semi-flexible polyurethane leak sealing resins for general water stopping repairs. Many of our polyurethane resins are used extensively for tunnel waterproofing, shaft waterproofing and basement waterproofing where leaking joints and leaking cracks occur.

The TamAcryl range of acrylic leak sealing resins offer a ultra low viscosity injection resin for hairline concrete cracks and joints, masonry cracks to sealing honeycombed locations in concrete retaining walls and slabs to brick work waterproofing. TamAcryl 2000 incorporates an anti-corrosive agent that actively protects the steel reinforcement from corrosion and holds a WRAS Certificate.

Why choose TAM Leak Sealing products?

  • An Extensive Selection of Leak Sealing Resins
  • Easy to Use
  • Permanent Leak Sealing Protection
  • Proven to Work
  • Excellent Solutions for Leaking Cracks and Joints
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Effective Waterproof Barriers
  • WRC/WRAS Certification for use in Potable Water
  • Approved & Tested
  • Innovation and Flexibility to create Specialist Applications   

Tunnelling and mining

Systems where high productivity can be achieved, without sacrificing safety
A basic introduction to our technology…

We have developed a range of injection technologies including Microfine Cement, Acrylic Gels, Acrylic Grouts and Polyurethanes to prevent water ingress and to consolidate weak and fractured rock and soil geologies. In keeping with major advancements in Sprayed Concrete technologies we have developed state of the art High Performance Water Reducing Admixture Systems, Hydration Control Admixtures, Hyper Plasticisers and High Performance Alkali Free Set Accelerators. Our products support the Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM), Drill and Blast, and Mechanical Excavation methods of tunnelling and suit all types of rock and soil.

Why choose TAM Tunnelling and Mining products?

  • Extensive range
  • Technical back-up
  • Mix design optimisation
  • Innovative technologies
  • Flexible to the needs of our customers
  • Site Training
  • Knowledge and know how
Tunnelling and mining


A basic introduction to our technology…

Our Waterproofing products include:

  • Powder additives for waterproofing concrete
  • Brush and spray applied cement based waterproof membrane systems for waterproofing walls and foundations
  • Liquid applied solutions for waterproofing concrete slabs and decks.

The TamSeal 5, TamSeal 10 and TamSeal 10F cement based waterproof coatings have been designed for ease of application to a variety of building substrates. These polymer enhanced cement based materials offer a range of elongation and water pressure resistance depending on the system chosen and can be applied as a damp proof membrane to ground slabs, as a waterproof tanking material to water tanks, cellars/basements, swimming pools to below ground waterproof coatings for retaining walls and slabs.

Our TamSeal Admix, TamSeal 20, TamSil 1 and TamSil 7 waterproofing materials are based on modified silicate technology designed for ease of application for a variety of concrete waterproofing requirements.

TamSeal Admix is an integral concrete waterproofing admixture capable of withstanding high hydrostatic water pressure and can be used for basement waterproofing, waterproofing water retaining structures, waterproofing concrete slabs and decks.

TamSeal 20 is economic cement based waterproof membrane applied to new or existing concrete structures. The active chemicals readily track into the concrete capillaries forming a barrier to water ingress.

TamSil 1 and TamSil 7 are liquid waterproofers that can be simply sprayed or brush applied onto the concrete surface where they actively react in the concrete capillaries to form an integral waterproof barrier.

TamCrete Plug offers a fast and effective material for plugging active leaks in concrete substrates.

10 reasons to choose TAM Waterproofing products

  • Widest Selection of Waterproof Systems
  • Easy to Use
  • Permanent Protection from Water Ingress
  • Proven to Work
  • Excellent Solutions
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Effective Waterproof Barriers
  • Potable Water Approval
  • Approved & Tested
  • Suitability for Specialist Applications  

construction Repair

Tam International manufactures and provides a complete range of construction repair materials for the building and civil engineering sector. Our concrete repair materials range from epoxy crack repair resins and epoxy mortar, concrete repair mortars to fairing coats and concrete levelling systems.

Our polymer modified high build repair mortars, fairing coats and concrete levelling systems are used extensively by concrete repair contractors throughout the UK for repairs to spalled concrete, concrete floor repair, driveway repair to general concrete patch repairs.

Our range of low viscosity epoxy injection resins are injected or gravity fed into concrete crack or masonry locations, as a general concrete and masonry crack filler to consolidating and binding mortar, bricks and other building materials. Our epoxy mortar systems can be used for bonding, filling large concrete cracks and concrete repair and as an epoxy grout for anchoring and base plate fixing.

Our fairing coats and levelling systems are polymer enhanced offering high strength, high bond and economical materials for applications to renders, screeds, deteriorated concrete and masonry.

Why choose TAM Concrete Repair products?

  • A Wide Selection of Epoxy Injection Resins and Epoxy Mortar
  • A wide Selection of Polymer Enhanced Mortars
  • Permanent Protection Against the Elements
  • Proven to Work
  • Excellent Solutions
  • Used Extensively by Concrete Repair Contractors
  • Effective Barriers
  • WRAS Certification
  • Approved & Tested
  • Innovation and Flexibility to create Specialist Applications 

Ground Stabilisation

Tam International manufacture a range of soil stabilisation and soil improvement products ranging from acrylic, polyurethane and colloidal silicate injection resins to micro fine cement grouts.

Our ultra low viscosity acrylic and colloidal silicate injection resins are used to improve ground stability through consolidating the soil and forming impermeable barriers through permeation grouting techniques.

Our range of polyurethane ground stabilisation resins are used extensively for underpinning, permeation grouting and generally improving ground bearing capability. These resin materials are also used for creating sub grade grout barriers through permeation grouting and forming ground piles where sheet piling is impractical.

Many of our injection resin and grout materials hold WRAS Certification making them ideal as a soil stabiliser adjacent to water ways and other sensitive locations.

In addition to soil improvement, underpinning and permeation grouting, Tam products are used for fissure grouting in rock, injection ahead of TBM’s to void filling behind tunnel linings and shafts.

Why choose TAM Ground Stabilisation products?

  • An Extensive Selection of injection resins and grouts
  • Easy to Use
  • Permanent Systems
  • Excellent Solutions for Ground Stabilisation
  • Excellent Solutions for Underpinning
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Effective Grout Barriers
  • WRAS Certification
  • Approved & Tested
  • Innovation and Flexibility to create Specialist Applications  

Concrete Admixtures

A basic introduction to our technology…

We manufacture a complete range of concrete admixtures for all types and grades of pumped, poured and sprayed concrete construction. The range includes High Range Water Reducers, Plasticisers, Super Plasticisers and state of the art Hyper Plasticisers where long term durability and ultra high early and ultimate strengths are required.

Our unique TamCem Concrete Admixtures extend the working time of concrete and enhance the surface finish. This is achieved through superior compaction with zero energy (Self Compacting Concrete). Our TamCem HCA is a Special Hydration Control Concrete Admixture for extending the working time for Cast and Sprayed Concrete operations which in turn increases ultimate compressive strength.  

Construction Equipment

We offer an extensive range of equipment for sale, lease and hire for the construction industry.
A basic introduction to the equipment range…

Our construction equipment has been specially designed and selected for efficiency, productivity and ease of use. We know that the right reliable equipment can influence the success and outcome of a project for our customers, therefore we are committed to support you all the way.

Our range of equipment includes hand operated injection pumps, electric and air driven injection pumps, grout pumps to hand held cartridge guns.

In addition, we supply a comprehensive range of epoxy injection accessories including epoxy resin injection capsules, surface mounted epoxy injection ports to resin injection packers for both the polyurethane injection resins and the epoxy injection resins.

Our One-Stop approach offers you product and a full range of equipment support that has been specifically designed and selected for efficiency, productivity and ease of use for our Specialist Contractors  

Concrete admixture

Tam International has developed high performance water reducing admixtures, hydration control admixtures, hyper plasticisers and alkali-free set accelerators. 

Tunnel Boring Machines

With the constant improvements in tunnel boring machine (TBM) technology, together with our ever growing demand for TBM production and output capabilities, there is a strong requirement for improved admixture and material technology to support and enhance these increased advance rates.

With this in mind, we are constantly improving and adding products to our TBM technology range, covering hard rock, EPB, open face and slurry type machines. 

Soil Stabilisation

A package of solutions designed to consolidate soils, fill cavities, create cut-off curtain walls, seal off water and add strength to load bearing ground. 

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