Tamatec - Laser Cutting & Engraving Service

  •  A Laser cutting service for non-metalic materials such as Acrylics, Plywood, Card and Paper.
  • Engraving on wood, plastic and card.
  • Permanent  laser etch marking of metal parts.
  • Laser cutting of fabric shapes from a range of materials such as silk, organza and cotton.
  • Small batch production and prototypes undertaken

Laser Cut Model Parts

Model parts cut from plywood and mdf. Using the laser settings we can engrave logos or text and make light line markings on the surface of the material. This allows us to replicate model features such as planking and window outlines.

Full assistance with setting up artwork is available.

We can produce a one off prototype kit or cut sets of production parts.

email or call for advice.

Laser Cut Model Parts

Laser Cut Jewellery Shapes

We laser cut 3mm & 5mm acrylic perspex for a range of Jewellery applications. The laser cut leaves the edges of the acrylic clean and smooth. We are able to engrave and finely mark light detail on the surface of some acrylics which allows us to create some interesting effects. Using mirrored acrlic we can engrave and lightly mark this from the back to allow the designs to be viewed from the front of the mirror, as shown in this image.

We are able to create your artworks for you and have access to a wide range of acrylic materials including mirrored, clear, transparent, frost, fluorescent and vario in a wide range of colours.

From pre-production small quantity items to larger scale production. We can produce samples for you to evaluate your new designs or materials.

Laser Cut Jewellery Shapes

Laser Marked Metal and Anodised Aluminium

Our laser process is capable of etching text and logos onto the surface of many types of bare metal. The process allows us to create fine detail which is etched as a black mark on the surface of the metal. The marking is resistant to  most chemicals and cleaning processes. The mark is resistant to common industrial chemiclas such as petrol, oil, diesel, white spirit etc. It will also wiithstand cleaning in a dishwasher or autoclave process. Laser marking has successfully been used on cuttlery and dental instruments.  The mark can be removed by aggrasive abrasion.

Metal marking is used on stainless steel name plates, front panels and instruments to record part numbers or unique serial number identification on each item.

The laser marking process requires no special tooling and the artwork is generally straight forward which means that the process is suited to small and larger production runs.

We are able to create specific bar codes and QR codes which can be marked onto products or metal plates.

Clients can supply their own products or plates for marking, or we can arrange for metal parts to be laser cut and delivered to us for marking.

Email us with you requirements and we can provide you with a quote. Sales@tamatec.co.uk


Laser Marked Metal and Anodised Aluminium

Tamatec - Laser Cutting & Engraving Service Overview