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Tandler Precision Ltd has a wide range of spiral bevel gearboxes on offer. They have proven their versatility and value repeatedly over the last 50 years. Their spiral bevel gearboxes are of the highest quality.

Every surface on a spiral bevel gearbox is matched for universal mounting capabilities and the power density is among the highest in the industry. A Tandler Precision spiral bevel gearbox is extremely precise with low backlash and low transmission error.

Bellows Couplings

Tandler Precision Ltd has a wide range of flexible and torsionally rigid metal bellows couplings. They have a shaft diameter 10-180mm and are perfect for highly dynamic servo axles. They are manufactured precisely and are absolutely backlash-free. Their metal bellows couplings can be used in a whole host of applications.

They also have a range of R+W bellows couplings that run absolutely backlash-free. They can assure an exact transmission of angle and torque. Their bellows couplings offer an excellent price-service ratio. Their R+W torque limiters can also assure an exact transmission of angle and torque. This provides reliable protection against overload.

Torque Limiters

Their range of torque limiters has a shaft diameter from 4 - 70mm. They are of a compact and simple design which provides absolutely backlash-free running.

Tandler Precision Ltd offers a selection of economy torque limiters. These torque limiters can be used for various applications and are extremely competitively priced. 

Speed Modulation Gearboxes

Speed modulation gearboxes modify the basic rotational speed of a drive by imparting additional forward or reverse motions. This is carried out whilst the driven shafts remain connected with each other. Speed modulation gearboxes are extensively used in the web and sheet processing industry as they provide precise and economical solutions to the control and adjustment of register and the synchronisation of machine operations.

Tandler Precision's speed modulation gearboxes run with low backlash allowing for predictable motion control. They offer precision gearing which virtually eliminates velocity and position errors within a given revolution. Their speed modulation gearboxes have a variety of other key features including:

  • Dual drive options and multiple shaft arrangements
  • 360 Degree Correction
  • Mounting is possible on 6 surfaces.
  • Perfect for accurate shaft centring.
  • Manual or pneumatic control

ServoFoxx Gearboxes

Tandler offers a range of ServoFoxx gearboxes that are the ultimate in motion control. They have ground and matched set gearing, a revolutionary integrated bellows coupling for motor connection and more ratios than any other manufacturer. Their ServoFoxx gearboxes offer maximum performance and are assured for servo applications.

Their ServoFoxx gearboxes provide a flexible system that offers any combination of ratio with the input and output options you require. They have interchangeable flange plates and a two part coupling which makes ServoFoxx gearboxes compatible with all motors.

Automotive Products

Tandler Precision Ltd offers a range of automotive products. They have years of experience supplying gears for historic vehicles, for both road and competition use.

They have reverse engineered many of their automotive products as the original drawings for such vehicles are not generally available.

Tandler Precision Ltd has the latest materials and manufacturing processes which allows them to recreate gears which are of a higher quality and a higher strength than the originals.

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