Tandler Precision Ltd

Tandler Precision Ltd has a wide range of spiral bevel gearboxes on offer. They have proven their versatility and value repeatedly over the last 50 years. Their spiral bevel gearboxes are of the highest quality.

Every surface on a spiral bevel gearbox is matched for universal mounting capabilities and the power density is among the highest in the industry. A Tandler Precision spiral bevel gearbox is extremely precise with low backlash and low transmission error.

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  1. Flexible Couplings

    Flexible Couplings
    Here at Tandler Precision Limited, we are experts in versatile and flexible coupling technology in partnership with R+W. We offer flexible couplings that are backlash free and are designed to ensure an exact transmission of angle and torque. Our product range includes:
    • Precision couplings for applications 0.05Nm to 25,000Nm
    • Heavy duty industrial couplings for applications 1000Nm to 160,000Nm
    Contact us for further information on our flexible couplings and how they can benefit you.