Tanto Labels

Tanto Systems provides Bar Code and RFID solutions for a wide range of business applications . From initial business analysis through to post-sales support.  We are experienced in designing and delivering solutions to enhance your business processes. 

Tanto Labels is the label manufacturing and variable data overprinting division of  Tanto Systems. The business specialises in providing self-adhesive labels and tags for local and national businesses.
A range of production equipment is available to produce large or small quantities of labels on rolls, sheets, singles or fan-folded formats.in plain or up to 4-colours. We provide labels for  thermal direct,  thermal transfer, laser, inkjet or dot matrix-based printers.

We can also overprint labels with completely variable data such as bar codes, prices, descriptions, incrementing numbers and serial/licence plate numbers. We also provide a just-in-time nationwide distribution service of variable data products  to an organisation's suppliers,  branches or outlets.

Tanto Labels Overview