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We have developed an extensive range of double sided acrylic tapes over the years, and can presently offer a broad variety of products to suit most technical applications.

Our close relationship with the European suppliers Nitto and Orafol enhances our wide collection further as we are exclusive distributors of their high quality products. As with the majority of our tape stocks, all our double sided tape products are held in master rolls, although we will gladly accept bespoke conversions:

  • Die Cutting
  • Lamination
  • Lathe Slitting
  • In Line Slitting
  • Re-winding
  • Sheeting

Double Sided Foam Tape

Considered to be an important item for industry, we specialise in the supply of double sided foam tapes. Our extensive range of single and double sided foam tapes are fabricated by some of the world’s leading manufacturers and have been designed to have unbeatable bonding performance.

  • Standard product thicknesses range from 0.4mm up to 4.5mm
  • Various foam densities and thicknesses available
  • Bespoke laminations up to 50mm in thickness available

Adhesive Tape Products

At Tape Range, we hold a vast and varied range of adhesive tape products in stock and we have access to numerous more products via our trusted and long standing manufacturing partners. Our adhesive tape products range has a renowned reputation for low price and high quality and we boast access to a range of adhesive systems including rubber, solvent acrylic and silicone.

Nearly all our adhesive tape products are in jumbo or master roll format enabling us to slit laminate or die cut your chosen adhesive tape to a bespoke roll size or die cut component.

Magnetic Tapes

Used to secure graphics and display boards, magnetic tape is heavily relied upon by the sign and point of sale industries.  We offer magnetic tape in many thicknesses and formats and we will gladly cut a desired length to suit numerous applcaitions

Medical Grade Tapes

We have been supplying medical grade adhesive tapes on behalf of 3M Healthcare for many years. As specially manufactured hypoallergenic tapes, they are constructed from porous and breathable backing materials ensuring an irritant-free bond to fragile, damp or dry skin. They also can be of assistance in surgical procedures.

Also benefiting from our range of double side medically approved tapes are the hairpiece and wig industries.

Electrical and Industrial PVC Tapes

Our wide selection of electrical and industrial PVC tapes caters for numerous applications where long term and high grab qualities are essential. Both our electrical and industrial PVC tapes are incredibly user friendly offering conformable, and easy un-winding properties.

Paper Masking Tapes

Our extensive selection of paper masking tapes can be applied to many domestic and industrial uses offering differing adhesive strengths types and paper styles. A collection of our paper masking tapes are committed to high temperature applications where adhesive performance and clean peel demands are critical.

Aluminium and Copper Foil Tapes

A long standing and popular product in our range, aluminium foil tape provides a conformable, water resistant and user friendly sealing solution. We can source the ideal aluminium foil tape for your applications supplied with release backing paper or self wound and with a variety of film thicknesses and adhesive types.

Another excellent product in addition to aluminium foil tape would be copper foil tapes. These copper tapes exhibit electrical properties not present in the aluminium types.

Packaging Tapes

An essential product in almost every industry, packaging tapes are a necessity to pack, seal and secure your items safely before shipment.

At Tape Range, we supply packaging tapes from leading brands such as Vibac and Manuli which are recognised in the marketplace as being premium packaging products. We also supply extremely durable strapping tapes, pallet wrap products and distinctive printed tapes.

Cloth Tape

Waterproof cloth tape has numerous advantages over other tapes in the adhesive tape spectrum. Properties include the following:

  • Conformable
  • Hand tearable
  • Water resistant
  • Economical

We stock all cloth tape in master roll and in many popular colours at competitive prices.

Double Sided Tape

We stock a large assortment of self adhesive double sided tape suitable for most technical applications. We work closely with Nitto and Orafol to distribute double sided tape products in the North West of England and beyond.

Double sided tape applications include:

  • Badge and Trim Mounting
  • Security Glazing
  • Exhibition Work
  • Gasket Manufacture
  • Point Of Sale Displays
  • Sign Manufacture and Mounting
  • Mirror Mounting
  • Fixing Furniture Trim
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