Tayban Developments Ltd.


Tayban is a leading independent precast concrete design and manufacturer for the building and civil engineering industries (est 1961)


  • Wideslab Flooring
    Tayban provides a wide range of Solid and Cored Floor Slabs to suit your load/span requirements
  • Beam and Block Flooring
    Tayban manufacture beams of 155mm and 225mm Depths integrated with 100mm Infill Blocks
  • Staircase and Landings
    Tayban offer a full range of Staircase and Landing Units to suit all the requirements of the construction industry
  • Terrace Units
    Tayban offer a full Precast solution of standard and bespoke manufactured Terrace Units 
  • Bespoke Precast
    Tayban manufacture any range of taylor made Precast Concrete Units for all industries. Individual weights up to a maximum 50 tonne
  • Cover Slabs
    Tayban manufacture large Cover Slabs. Circular segments or rectangular. Spans up to 15m
  • Ducted Cable Chambers
    Tayban manufacture to any bespoke requirements and offer a large variety of Ducted Cable Chambers from stock 




Tayban Developments Ltd. Overview