Taymar Precision Grinding

Taymar provides sub contract grinding services to the manufacturing sector, with a varied customer base including the aerospace, oil and gas, high precision air bearings, motorsport, defence and many more commercial customers. All aspects of precision grinding undertaken Manual and CNC (internal and external),  Surface grinding, Centreless, Honing.

Grinding materials and coatings

Taymar has experience of grinding a variety of parts, materials and coatings, including steels, stainless steels, inconel, hard chrome plating, tungsten carbide coating, case hardened parts, nitrided parts.


Taymar is an ISO9001 accredited company, providing a high quality product to its customer base.

Taymar is also  customer approved by;  Honeywell Yeovil;   GE Aviation Cheltenham.


Taymar has a very extensive inspection department and continual investment in equipment, Taymar are confident when it comes to the final check. Our inspection room contains

Mitutoyo SJ-301 Surface Tester
Mitutoyo Height Guage
Taylor Hobson Roundness M/C

Plus a wide range of standard inspection equipment.

Plant List

Taymar's Equipment list;


CNC Grinding Machines: -
Studer S33
CNC Universal Grinder
Capacity between centres: 40" (1016mm)
Toyoda GU4-R
CNC Universal Grinder
Capacity between centres: 40" (1016mm)

Internal/External Grinding Machines: -
Jones & Shipman 1055
Universal Grinder
Capacity between centres: 60" (1524mm)
Jones & Shipman 1077 (2 x machines)
Universal Grinder
Capacity between centres: 27" (686mm)
Jones & Shipman 1076 (3 x machines)
Universal Grinder
Capacity between centres: 27" (686mm)
Myford MG12 - HPM (3 x machines)
Capacity between centres: 12" (304.8mm)

Surface Grinding Machines: -
Andmar 1636 Surface Grider
Bed Area: 36" x 16" (915mm x 406mm)
Jones & Shipman 540AL
Bed Area: 18" x 6" (457mm x 152mm)

Delpena manual Hone
Centreless Grinding

Taymar Precision Grinding Overview