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Tayrol is a specialist Slitting / Rewinding company based at Elvington on the outskirts of York. The company was formed in 1988 to manufacture small paper rolls for use in a wide variety of printers, principally for Cash Registers, EPOS and Credit Card machines but we are now involved in many other areas including ATM’s, Betting Tickets, Parking Tickets, Admission Tickets, Bus Tickets, Advertising Rolls, Digital Tachograph Rolls and other related Tachograph Products

Thermal paper rolls are now our major line and we have particular expertise in Coreless Paper Rolls and the production of Printed Paper Rolls where we specialise in the smaller quantities although have the ability to also deal with large quantities.

The paper rolls can be plain or printed in up to 8 colours with security features including Watermarks, Heat sensitive or UV reflective inks and in some instances Holographic images. Variable Data images can also be added for games and advertising. Perforations and punch-holes are also possible.

Our constant aim is quality and service and it is testament to our success that many of our original customers are still with us today. Nevertheless, we are not prepared to rest on our laurels and recently gained approval of our Quality Monitoring System to ISO9001 standard – Certificate No. GB 13367.

With over £1 million already invested in new machines, we can offer a diverse range of paper products, which is supported by an excellent team of people to assure a service of quality and efficiency.

Our A1 credit rating creates good support from our suppliers and we believe that we are strongly placed to continue our development in the years ahead.

To speak to the Team at Tayrol, please call 01904 608852 or email sales@tayrol.co.uk

To visit our website go to  www.tayrol.co.uk 

Till Rolls & EPOS Rolls

Tayrol manufactures paper rolls to suit all Cash Registers and EPOS machines using a variety of long established paper qualities. Our main grades are: -

THERMAL - Our standard grade is available in 5 plain colours, blue, green, pink, yellow and white.
A GRADE -  60 gsm white paper
TMP - 55gsm recycled
CROWN -  70gsm Woodfree, available in White and a range of colours.

Credit Card / Chip & Pin Rolls

We offer a comprehensive range of paper rolls for all credit card machines including the latest Chip & PIN terminals with up to 40% more paper on our Coreless Thermal Rolls

Thermal Paper Rolls - available in a 5 plain colours, blue, green, pink, yellow and white.
Carbonless Paper Rolls – 2 and 3 ply options in a variety of colour combinations.
Self Contained Paper Rolls (Action Paper Rolls) – 1, 2 and 3 ply options also in various colours.


Tayrol is at the forefront of Coreless Roll production in the UK and we have invested heavily in a Fully Automatic Slitter / Rewinding machine to produce a variety of small diameter roll products without the usual need for cores.

Longer length rolls is the main advantage. Our 57 x 30 Coreless Credit Card roll has approximately 40% more paper than its rival with a core and as there is no core to dispose. It is environmentally friendly as well.

Our Thermal Coreless Rolls are available in 5 plain colours, blue, green, pink, yellow and white. They can also be custom printed in up to 8 colours including high quality full colour process. Quantities start from as little as 100 rolls and we can incorporate special security features such as Watermarks, Heat Sensitive Inks, UV Sensitive Inks etc.

Existing applications include:

Credit Card Machines
57 x 30mm dia Thermal (11 metres of paper) is our most popular coreless roll but we offer a complete range.

Tachograph Machines
We use a Thermal paper specially approved for use on the Digital Tachograph machines. The rolls are printed on the face with a design compatible with DVLA / VOSA requirements. The main roll is 57mm wide x 8.5 metres with a 6.5mm coreless centre. Tayrol is a fully approved manufacturer of these Digital Tachograph Rolls and we believe our superior quality rolls are the best on the market. For free samples please contact us.

Hand held Printers
With the ever increasing use of portable hand held printers, so the demand increases for smaller roll sizes and we have the flexibility to meet most needs. With coreless centres down to 6.5mm and outside roll diameters as low as 20mm, we can handle most requirements.

Self Adhesive Labels
Coreless Self Adhesive Labels is a particular speciality. We can supply plain or printed self adhesive labels with diameters as little as 20mm on 10mm coreless centres. Lightweight papers can be used to gain the vital extra labels needed on each roll to maximise efficiencies.


Till receipts have long been considered a ‘throw away’ item that is an expense that Retailers, Restaurateurs etc could do without. But with careful use of advertising it can be transformed into a very direct benefit.

You may wish to endorse your own products with special offers etc or to incorporate outside advertising from local or national businesses.

Individual paper rolls can carry a single image repeated throughout the roll or we can combine several different images to repeat at predetermined intervals. The options are endless!

A single colour design can display the simplest of adverts but we can print in up to 8 colours including 4-colour process on both sides of the paper.

Quantities start from as little as 100 rolls so is suited to the small user as well as the large multiples.


We produce ATM Rolls to suit all machines using a variety of papers including a ‘Top Coated’ Thermal grade to ensure maximum longevity of the thermal print head. The paper rolls can be plain or printed in up to 8 colours, which can be 4 colours on both sides making it ideal for advertising etc. Variable data imaging can be added to offer gaming options.


New European Legislation specifies that all large commercial vehicles that have entered service from 1st May 2006 must be fitted with the new Digital Tachograph equipment. It is a legal requirement to carry at least one roll in the vehicle at all times.

Tayrol is an approved manufacturer and distributor of the Digital Tachograph Rolls in the United Kingdom. Our TACHO2 rolls are type approved to fit the following machines:-

  • Actia [e2] 25 29 30
  • Stoneridge [e5] 0002
  • Siemens VDO [e1] 84
  • Efkon EFAS-3 [e1] 200

Our type approval number is e1 202

The rolls are fitted into the Digital Tachograph machine as printouts must be produced for enforcement checks, as well as when the drivers card has been lost or malfunctions. The printouts can also be used as a hard copy of the drivers activity.

About TACHO2 - Digital Tachograph Rolls 

Manufactured on Superior Quality Approved Paper
57mm wide x 8 metres long with 8mm coreless centre
Individually wrapped and boxed in 3’s
Pre-printed reverse to allow manual data input

You can now order Tachograph Products online on our dedicated website www.tacho2.com or you can call us on 01904 608852.



Laundry Rolls / Dry Cleaning Rolls are produced on a specialist paper, which is available in seven different colours. We keep three of the popular sizes in stock but we can also make any size to your specific requirements.


We produce rolls for various areas including Betting Shops, On Course betting and Casino’s. They are available on a variety of papers to suit each application, both plain and printed.

Small quantity printed rolls is a speciality.


Tayrol have linked up with the UK’s leading creator of Promotional Games. With over 20 years experience in the promotional games business, they have developed a special method of supplying promotional games printed directly on to the reverse of Till Rolls. It enables us to produce millions of unique sets of data for instant win games, bingo type promotions and codes for game access on the internet or mobile phones.

A typical 80 x 80 Printed Thermal roll will contain about 1250 images, which are generally identical but with our Variable Data option, all 1250 images can be different. We can expand this so that all images throughout an entire production can be different, ie 10,000 rolls could hold 15,000,000 different images.

The variable data can only be printed in a single colour at present but can be combined with a multi-colour design to create many exciting options. The Variable Data image can be a mixture of text and pictures and although used mainly for Games it is also an excellent medium for advertising and promotions etc.


We manufacture Bus Ticket Rolls for the general Buses and for ‘Park & Ride’.

The rolls can be plain or printed on both sides if required. Ideal for including advertising.


Tayrol can produce a wide variety of types of Parking Tickets. We can print Thermal papers on both sides in up to 8 colours and include perforations for ‘tear off’ sections. Together with our special designed Slitting and Finishing machines, we offer a high quality product with a quick turn-round.


Tayrol can manufacture a wide variety of types of Admission Tickets. Available in either reels or fan folded. We can print in high quality in up to 8 colours with options for special features.


Our trade slitting and rewinding service is mainly directed at the Printing Industry but we will be happy to help anyone.

If you need anything slitting into small rolls, or rewinding, whether it is ongoing, or just a one off to solve a problem, please give us a call, we are always happy to help.

t provide a quick turnaround and a fully confidential service.


We supply various Janitorial products and Paper Disposables,

Our main products are: -

Centrefeed Rolls and Dispensers
Toilet Rolls and Holders
Paper Towels and Dispensers
Couch Rolls (Hygiene Rolls)

We are also pleased to be associated with Driflor, a market leader in preventing slips and trips on wet floors. Driflor is a paper floor dryer that will take up small spills and immediately dry a wet floor after mopping.


We offer a wide range of Office papers and consumables: -

Copier Paper, Listing Papers, Printer Rolls, Fax Rolls, Ink Cartridges and Toners, Thermal Transfer Ribbons.


Price Marking - We stock a range of Pricing Guns and plain self adhesive labels to suit most requirements and can provide a quick turnaround on all printed designs.

Scale Labels – Plain or printed for all Scales

Coreless labels - Small diameter rolls are a necessity for today’s tiny portable printers and we have invested heavily in a new Slitter / Re-winder that will produce small diameter rolls with a 10mm centre and no core. Labels can be any size, plain or printed and perforated if required.

A4 Laser/Ink Jet – We stock a wide range of labels, available in boxes of 100 or 500 A4 sheets.


Tayrol stocks a large selection of various types of WAITRESS PADS, RESTAURANT PADS, FOOD ORDER PADS, CHECK PADS, BILL PADS etc.

All pads are of a very high quality and are produced to British Standards.

Contact Tayrol for further details of our huge range of stock and excellent prices.


Cleaning Card Solutions - Chip and Pin, Swipe, Dip, Magnetic Stripe, ATM's Readers, Thermal printers, Digital Tachographs and much, much more.............

Tayrol has recently been appointed UK Distributor for the EZ and Waffletechnology® range of transactional cleaning card and general cleaning products .

Why use Cleaning Cards?
The cleaning card is essential to the consistent credit card and debit card reads on your POS Terminal. A credit card has oils and dirt on its surface. With every swipe into your credit card reader these contaminates are transferred into the card reader and onto the magnetic heads. This accumulation of dirt and oils is 80% of the reason why these readers fail.

Prolong equipment life and reduce capital expenditures
Reduce maintenance fees
Reduce equipment downtime
Reduce fees from erroneous transactions
Increase customer delight /loyalty with fast efficient transactions

Question: Why should I use a cleaning card for my transactional readers and thermal printers ?

Answer: Cleaning cards are used for the purposes of preventing expensive maintenance and replacement costs, eliminating or minimising failed transactions, which result in frustrated and unsatisfied customers, and to ensure overall efficiency and reliability. Standard EZ cleaning cards clean effectively, but Waffletechnology® cleaning cards achieve a level of clean that is unmatched. Using Waffletechnology® cleaning cards allows the user to achieve a more advanced clean, while actually decreasing cleaning frequency, which saves time and money.

Question: How does a Waffletechnology® cleaning card differ from the regular cleaning card ?

Answer: Unlike flat cleaning cards (which we have), Waffletechnology® cleaning cards incorporate flexible, raised cleaning platforms on both the top and bottom surfaces. These cleaning platforms are essentially spring loaded (see the illustration), dramatically increasing the pressure applied throughout the cleaning process. These raised platforms, due to their shape and flexibility, also access critical components that flat cards cannot touch. The recessed sensors, thermal print heads of most transactional printers / equipment and the rounded optical lenses of card readers can only be thoroughly cleaned by Waffletechnology® cleaning cards.

Examples of Industries and Applications (Not limited to): Banking, Supermarket, Retail, Airlines, Convenience store, Petrol station, Vending machines, Parking machines, Hotel, Leisure, Hospitality, Restaurants, Casino's, Gaming, Warehouse, Shipping, University,Public/Private Transport, Government, Medical, Security............

Retail /Convenience and Grocery stores
Debit/Credit Card Readers
POS Card Readers
Swipe ATM’s
Pay at the Pump
Phone Card Recharge
Check Readers
Time & Attendance Swipe Readers
Debit/Credit Card Readers
POS Card Readers
Ticketing machines
Bill / Note Acceptors
Debit/Credit Card Readers
POS Card Readers
Debit/Credit Card Readers
POS Card Readers
Player Tracking
Hotel Door Locks
Swipe ATM’s
Bill / Note Acceptors Vending
Bill / Note Acceptors
Swipe ATM’s
Door Locks
Debit/Credit Card Readers
POS Card Readers
Bill / Note Acceptors

For more information, visit our cleaning card website: http://tayrol.cleaning-cards.com

For more information on Waffletechnology® visit: www.waffletechnology.com

Contact Tayrol for further details of our range of products and price list.


Our main emphasis is always on quality and we aim to provide the best possible result for your investment.

We print on a variety of paper substrates but with the increasing use of Thermal Printers, we specialise in the production of Thermal Rolls and Tickets.

Traditional Till Roll designs are printed flexo in 1 or 2 colours but for more technical designs we use Litho, in up to 8 colours and we can incorporate security features such as Watermarks, Heat and UV Sensitive Inks and Holographic images. Perforations for ‘tear off’ tickets and punch-holes can also be added.

Small Quantities
We have developed this side of our business to meet the growing demand for printed Till Rolls and ATM Rolls in small quantities. For our 3 standard roll sizes, all we need is 100 rolls to print in full colour at extremely competitive prices. All rolls are custom printed and so the design can be created to suit specific needs. Possible options include, Promotions, New Products, Money Off Vouchers and Seasonal campaigns such as Christmas, Easter, and Halloween etc.

Till receipts have long been considered a ‘throw away’ item that is an expense that the Retailer, Restaurateur etc would prefer not to have but with careful use of advertising it can be transformed into a very direct benefit. You can endorse your own products with special offers etc or incorporate outside advertising from local or national businesses.

Variable Data – Promotional games
This is a great way to promote your business. The game tickets are printed on the reverse of the Till Roll so distribution automatically takes place when a Till Receipt is issued. An 80 x 80 Thermal Roll will have around 1250 images, which are generally identical but with our Variable Data option all 1250 images can be different. This is expanded so that all images throughout the entire production can be different, i.e. 10,000 rolls could hold 15,000,000 different images.

The variable data can only be printed in a single colour at present but can be combined with a multi-colour design to create many exciting options.

Visit our website fro any further details www.tayrol.co.uk



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