TBS Associates Ltd

Based in Broughton Astley in Leicestershire...

We are conveniently situated near both the M1 and M69.

We are specialists in the field of Pad Printing / Tampo printing meaning that we can print directly onto any surface be it flat extruded substrate or moulded.

We offer services to all types of trades including Point Of Sale, The Motor Industry and Corporate Companies.

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About TBS Associates Ltd

At TBS we have 27 years experience in high quality Pad Printing.

We have six full time employees, part time and outworkers, all dedicated to our high standards of quality and service.

We have in house artwork, plate and colour matching facilities in place that give us total control over quality and production times.

Our factory is a clean and very modern building with a floor space in excess of 3000 square feet. We are also ideally located with the heart of the midlands motorway network making access to and from very simple.

About TBS Associates Ltd

What is Pad Printing?

Pad or Tampo printing is a method of printing onto most substrates.

It gives a precise and detailed print onto curved or awkwardly shaped components, as well as flat and textured surfaces.

Because this operation is digitally controlled, the results are very consistent.

Pad Printing at TBS

TBS uses modern top quality digitally controlled Pad Printing machinery, printing on a variety of components and substrates for use in the telecommunications, motor and white goods industries, along with point of sale and corporate companies.


Prototypes are more than welcome. The ability to turn work around quickley enables customers to view finished products before they go into full scale production.

Assembly and Collating

TBS can offer an assembly and collating service to compliment any of the components printed

Plates / Jigs and Artwork

We can offer a full origination service with Mac or PC generated artwork.

With in house plates and jig making, our lead times are cut to a minimum. Just E-mail your design to us and let us do the rest.

Plates/Jigs and Artwork

It can be challenging to decide the design of the final product. Therefore, we offer all our customers a full origination service using the design you give us. 

Right at the beginning of your order, we will book you in for a consultation at our base in Broughton Astley, Leicestershire to discuss the acute details of your design. Don't worry!  If you're not located nearby simply email over a design brief and we’ll get to work.

All our plate and jig-making is done in-house, this ensures the production time is at a minimum enabling us to provide high-quality products in a shorter time. Our Artwork is all generated on Mac and PC programmes


We are aware that any misunderstandings over the design can cost precious time and money which leads to an unhappy client. Therefore, we provide all our customers prototype designs to ensure you are happy with the final product before being sent off for printing.

Once we have received your initial design request we will provide you with a full prototype created by our in-house team on Mac and PC design software. We do this to ensure that the design is keeping to what you envisaged. If there are any changes you would like us to make with the prototypes provided we are happy to amend the design.

We will wait for your approval of our design before any pad printing goes ahead. Once you have approved the prototype we will speedily go ahead with producing the rest of the batch.

Pad Printers UK

Over the last 27 years, TBS Associates have been bolstering their pad printing services to become the thriving bespoke business that exists today.  All of our services are finished to the highest industry standard by our small in-house team of passionate staff.

Assembly and Collating

At TBS Associates we realize that receiving what is essentially a incomplete product is frustrating and is something no customer should deal with.

We provide all our clients a complete assembly and collating process for each of our printed products once each part of the project have been completed. 

Bespoke Pad Printing

We are happy to design, assemble and collate your pad printed products on an entirely bespoke basis according to the specific requirements given to us. 

We hope this allows us to generate the personalized product you wished for. 

In-House Prototype Design

Our in-house design team are happy to provide you with a full prototype created by our passionate staff, ensuring it is in line to what you envisaged.

We are here for you if you want to make any amendments to the prototype so we can create the bespoke pad printed product you desired. 

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