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TSC Biosciences manufacture and supply a range of reagents and test kits for use in the clinical, pharmaceutical and food and water industry sectors. We are dedicated to developing our products and improving our service to help our clients shine in the provision of food and drinking water, medicines and clinical care.

TCS Biosciences have a wealth of experience to build upon and we are now Europe's leading supplier of animal blood and sera for microbiological applications.

We play a prominent part in the European pharmaceutical sector and the UK water industry and continue to develop and research technologies in order for us to provide new products and expand our market.


We supply an extensive range of pharmaceutical products for the industry including sterile filtered serum used in microbiology applications, cell culture and diagnostic kits.

Our other pharmaceutical products include animal blood as nutritional supplements in microbiological culture media. 



Our clinical items include a selection of microbiological quality control products and testing kits.

Our other clinical products highly beneficial to the sector are reagents for serology, dyes and stains, and haematology and microbiology items.



The food industry can use the Selectrol® range of products, manufactured in accordance with the Health Protection Agency Culture Collections, to monitor fluids and working surfaces for bacterial contamination.

The food sector will also benefit from an effective way of counting micro-organisms and the sterile plates have a dehydrated media allowing for a longer shelf life at room temperature. 



We are Europe's largest supplier of Cryptosporidium and Giardia reagents, positive controls and equipment ideal for use in the water industry.

The IMA Isolate® kit can be used by water companies to reduce the contamination of hand work and standardise the bead collection procedure in the detection of Cryptosporidium.


Product Catalogue

Our product catalogue contains our full range of products and services. The product catalogue includes information on our range of microbiological media and quality control, including:

  • Bacticount Dipslides
  • Compact Dry™ Chromogenic Media Plates

Our animal blood products consist of:

  • Adult Chicken Cells
  • Donor Horse
  • Donor Sheep
  • Guinea Pig
  • Rabbit

Our product catalogue also contains our Cryptosporidium and Giardia products, like: 

  •  IgG
  •  IgM
  • Cryptosporidium and Giardia FITC Antibodies
  • Cryptosporidium and Giardia Positive Controls
  • Immunomagnetic Separation (IMS)
  • Coverslip Fixant
  • Mounting Fluid

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