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Bowthorpe EMP specializes in low voltage transient surge suppression, protecting against the secondary impacts from lightning strikes and switching electrical conductive loads.  
Protection starts where power and communication lines first enter a building and continues with devices designed for the specific needs of all equipment and electronics within those four walls. We provide a coordinated system for total site protection at a reasonable cost.

Surge protectors for mains power, voice and data systems in the computer, telecommunication, industrial, petrochemical, medical and electronics markets.

Product Range 
Modular distribution surge protector - MDSP 90, 150 and 300
Distribution surge protector - DSP600
Snap-in protection module - SPM
Mains barrier surge protector - MBP
Spur protector - SPLB1/13
Surge protected filter adaptors, plug protectors

Parent Company: Tyco Electronics – Energy division

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