Techlan Ltd

Techlan is a UK based manufacturer and supplier of silicone release paper that was formed in 2009. It's aim was to develop an innovative process to clean release paper and release liners so that they could be reintroduced into the supply chain for a second use. Following a four year research project, backed by the Welsh Government and WRAP (Waste Recycling Action Programme), Techlan successfully completed the development programme by mid 2013 and went into full production early in 2014.

Techlan now supplies a range of high quality recycled release papers. The major benefit of the Techlan paper is its low cost. The recycled release papers are available at up to half the price of virgin papers, so you can make significant savings on the procurement of your raw materials.

At its current facility Techlan has the capacity to recycle and convert several million square metres of silicone release paper per year.

Additional production units are planned for 2015. Contact us and find out why Techlan can provide such significant cost savings.

1 Upper Castle View Blackpill Swansea SA3 5BY United Kingdom