Techmould Ltd

TECHMOULD specialise in the manufacture of a wide variety of Thermoset and Thermoplastic rubber mouldings along with the manufacture and supply of many other associated products.

We have many years experience in assisting our customers to solve their problems of design, material selection, tooling production, quality and continuity of supply.

We are able to offer customers solutions which exactly meet their needs covering quantities of 10s to Millions, using materials which, when necessary, are specially compounded and coloured.

We serve virtually all industry sectors including

  • Electronics
  • Catering
  • Transportation
  • Powder Coating
  • Conformal Coating
  • Military Equipment Manufacturers
  • Communications
  • Motor Trade
  • Leisure
  • Paint Spraying


Rubber Moulding

  • Rubber Mouldings
  • Rubber to Metal Bonding
  • Masks
  • Keypads
  • Diaphragm Valve Seats
  • Bellows, Suckers and Tyres
  • Protective Cases
  • Special Seals
  • Electrical Fibre Optic Components

Injection Moulding
As an alternative to conventional rubber moulding materials and manufacturing methods we offer a range of high quality Thermoplastic Rubbers and Polyurethanes which can be processed with the efficiency and economy more usually associated with plastic components.

Materials Used

TPE - Santoprene, Geolast, Evoprene, Vyram

TPU - Polyester, Polyether or Polycaprolactone Polyurethanes

Rubber to Metal Bonding

We can mould almost all rubber materials onto most metals including Stainless Steel, Aluminium and Brass. We currently manufacture this type of product following industries:

  • Food
  • Computer Manufacturing
  • Automotive
  • Valve
  • Packaging
  • Water & Sewage
  • Railway and General Engineering

Rubber Masking Boots

We manufacture Masks which are specially tailored to be a perfect fit on the component whilst ensuring quick fitting and removal with maximum reusability being maintained.

Full range available, specially compounded and coloured if required to meet the specific application.


Special Rubber Seals

Seals of non-standard size, shape or material, is our speciality.

We have manufactured seals for companies who produce motor cars, armaments, gas detectors, foodstuffs, computers, sub aqua equipment, animal cages, electronic equipment and valves, to name but a small selection of the application where we are able to help.

Rubber Keypads

Keypads are manufactured to suit individual customer requirements. They can be single button or multi button design in translucent or coloured materials with solid multicoloured button tops where plastic key tops are not being used.

Electrical Rubber Insulators

We manufacture components weighing less than 1gm to around 1Kg. for this market sector. Components perform a variety of tasks under widely varying conditions.

Materials are available that will insulate whilst others are conductive.

Diaphragms and Valve Seats

Diaphragms can be manufactured to suit a wide variety of applications, which can be found in all sections of Industry.

Manufactured to effect a seal in numerous types of valve application. We have valve seats sealing such products as Ink, Water, Milk, Oil, Foodstuff, Chemicals. Solid Rubber or Rubber bonded to Metal parts. 

Bellows, Suckers & Tyres

We can offer bellows manufactured: Fully Moulded - Vulcanised Joined - Stitched Rubberised Fabric.

Our suckers are used to lift a diverse range of products, individually tailored to the application, including Eggs, Bakery Products, Paper, Cardboard, Glass and Steel.

Produced bonded to metal parts or plain rubber. Supplied with tread patterns, pimples or plain finish. Soft touch or Solid Rubber. Materials available to give high or low friction levels.

Polyurethane Casting

Cast Polyurethane is an elastomeric material that bridges the gap between highly extensible rubber elastomers and low-elongation rigid plastics. Please contact us or click on the above link for more information.

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