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Power Electronics Laminated Bus Bars.

For the past 14 years Techne Cast Ltd, has been involved in the development of efficient and robust insulation systems for power electronics components and assemblies.
We design develop and manufacture bespoke bus bar systems for applications such as marine drives, full electric vehicle’s / low carbon automotive, and numerous inverter / converter components.Bus bars can be un insulated, insulated, double insulated, single or multiple layer laminated bus bars dependent upon clients requirements. Components can be air or liquid cooled.
No examples are available as all our custom work is covered by NDA,s
We are currently engaged in the development of a generic series of laminated bus bars / components and details will be available shortly.
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Power Electronics IGBT Modules

IGBT modules are being used for higher power density power electronics, and as a consequence the voltages required are also ever increasing. Here at Techne Cast Ltd we have over 14 experience in the design development and manufacture of insulation systems for IGBT component ‘s / sub-assemblies and complete modules. Our heritage is insulation of MV Switchgear so current insulation voltage requirements on power electronics and IGBT modules are not a problem to us. We also have expertise in thermal management combined with electrical insulation.
Our clients range from major international corporations to small private concerns.
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Power Electronics Insulated Electronics

Insulated power electronics components and assemblies are being used in many diverse applications such as low carbon power generation ( Wind and Wave etc. ) in addition to high power density marine drives and electric / hybrid automotive sectors.
They all have one thing in common, as power densities rise, the voltages rise, and the requirement for thermally efficient insulated electronics increases. We know very little about electronics but our expertise lies in the field of electrical insulation, as applied to insulated electronics assemblies and components.

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Insulated Busbars

Techne Cast Ltd, has in in depth expertise in electrical insulation. We design develop and manufacture insulated bus bars and system’s to clients requirements. Voltage ranges from 400Volts to 400,000 volts. Insulated bus bars are used in such diverse applications such as electric vehicles, surface marine, sub surface marine ships / boat, aero-space application, power electronics, in addition to the more conventional switchgear and power generation / distribution industries. Insulated bus bars can be designed to carry low or high currents and function in a diverse range of temperatures and environment’s. We have experience in all these application areas and we are pleased to develop and manufacture insulated bus bars in one offs or thousands off and sizes from a few mm up to 4 meters.
Products are all bespoke and designed to meet your individual requirements.

Techne Cast provides consultancy, development and manufacturing services for bespoke insulators and encapsulated electronics components.

Applications include switchgear, distribution, generation, control equipment, bushings, CTs, VTs and power electronics across the low, medium and high voltage industries.

We can provide a full range of technical services to launch your products or processes from concept, through development, test and then into full-scale production. We can also offer to manufacture your product if required.

By using the expertise offered here at Techne Cast your company benefits from:

* Our ability to identify and prevent potential problems
* Rapid engineering solutions derived from thorough development programs for both products and processes
* Expertise to assist with all stages of projects from design, through development and into manufacture

We will even provide full turnkey projects to help you set up your own manufacturing facilities anywhere in the world.

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