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We offer a WIDE range of services to a wide range of clients, big and small.  We're growing our business by being successful.  And we're being successful because we know from EXPERIENCE that our customers look for a FULLY PROFESSIONAL SERVICE, backed by attention to detail and safety, delivered in COST-EFFECTIVE fashion.

 “If that's what you're looking for, perhaps we should be talking”

We're responsive, reliable, and resourceful. Our customers need us to be responsive.  Lifts are the best thing in the world when they work – but when they go wrong they need attention and they need it fast.  To ensure minimum downtime we offer a continually staffed 24-hour help-line, 365 days a year, with an average call out response time of 4 hours.

Our customers expect us to be RELIABLE.  To this end we've introduced our own 'Lift data' Technology that allows us to offer a Planned Maintenance Programme for optimum convenience.

Lift Services

Our range of services include:

  • Defined preventive maintenance programme for every type and manufacture of lift. more...
  • 24 hour, 365 days a year call-out service
  • Major refurbishment and installations. more...
  • Free advice on equipment upgrades and appraisals
  • Risk assessments
  • All testing relevant to current standards
  • Cost effective service, with our service packages, giving value for money
  • Call-out and emergency prices as competitive as any company in the market
Lift Services

Defined Preventive Maintenance Programme

Maintenance Programme:

TES Ltd specialise in PLANNED MAINTENANCE, having produced a system which is SUITABLE FOR ALL TYPES OF ELEVATORS, in all sectors of commerce and industry; thus fulfilling the vertical transportation requirements for all site conditions, from the small office with one elevator, to busy offices with complex group systems, essential goods lifts, and NHS trusts with their 24-hour rapid response requirements.

Our five-stage planned maintenance system incorporates seventy-one separate checks. It has been designed to ensure all components on your elevator are inspected and serviced at regular intervals, reducing the likelihood of lift failure and subsequent downtime of lift services, keeping disruption to your organisation minimal.

Types of Contract:

TES Ltd offers a full range of contracts to suit all client specifications. These are divided into three main groups, Standard Maintenance, Semi Comprehensive, and Fully Comprehensive contracts. Each is comprised of our planned maintenance system. Click on the links below to view more information about the three types of contract

Our team of highly qualified engineers carry out all works, our technicians, and full range of TES Ltd technical information support them.

Lift Refurbishment & Installations

Refurbished and Installations:

TES Ltd carries out repair works on all types of elevator. Our highly MOTIVATED and DEDICATED engineers carry out these repairs.

Site-specific Risk Assessments and Method Statements, which cover all projects, are incorporated to ensure safe progression of works for all concerned.

Our FLEXIBLE APPROACH ensures that our modernisations can be CUSTOM-DESIGNED to provide the complete lift system, meeting individual specifications and requirements of all clients.

Each project has a senior manager responsible for every facet of the job, with the work been carried out by lift engineers with SPECIFIC EXPERTIDE in modernisation, backed up by our HIGHLY QUALIFIED SUPPORT TEAM of Testers, Technicians and full range of TES technical facilities.

TES has projects running from the high storey tower block group systems, to small point-to-point elevators in residential homes.

Lift Refurbishment & Installations

British Standards

Dedicated to work to the highest standards:

All our technicians and engineers are dedicated and work to the HIGHEST STANDARDS, complying with European regulations, IEE regulations and Health and Safety within the elevator industry.  Our Health and Safety policy complies with the Health and Safety Agency and can be viewed at any time.

As members of the British Standards Institute (BSI), we constantly receive updates on required specifications, ensuring that we maintain our quality of service.

At Technical Elevator Services we can provide risk assessments, method statements and COSHH reports.  This ensures quality and safety is never compromised.

British Standards

Technical Team

 Passionate in what we do

All our staff have a PASSIONATE belief in what they do, striving to continually ensure QUALITY of SERVICE is achieved.  Our staff are encouraged to be innovative in their thinking, so your needs can be met.

Our Technicians, with over 50 years' of experience, are respected throughout the industry.  They continually update their skills to reflect the ever-increasing change in technology.

All our field engineers and technicians are supplied with FULLY EQUIPPED VEHICLES, allowing a speedy repair service.

At Technical Elevator Services, we look at all our clients' individual needs and provide solutions to suit you.

Technical Team

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