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Web Design Services For Technical Companies

Technical Web Services (TWS), established in 2002, are specialists in web design, management and promotion for engineering and industrial companies across the UK.

TWS focus their service around two principles, Design For Performance and Accountability.

Design For Performance means that your web site is designed and built to generate the results you want. Options such as Search Engine Optimisation and web marketing are not secondary add-ons that can be integrated later, they are at the core of every site as are other degrees of functionality such as advertising, database features and scaleability.

Accountability means that we can demonstrate that your web site is working. This is critical for ongoing development and management. Many site owners have no idea what their web site is doing for them. Because TWS place an emphasis on accountability you can see clearly, via a simple interface how well your site is doing and much more.

Web Site Design

Technical Web Services offer full website design and management services. The standard website design service costs £1100 and is aimed at people looking to generate results from their web presence. Other cheaper options are available.

Web Site Design

Web Site Management

Technical Web Services will manage web sites. The basic service incorporates four quarterly update windows allowing for simple content management search engine inclusions, directory listings and keyword management. Changes are also allowed at any time during the year as and when subject to a fair use policy.

Holding Pages

Technical Web Services will set up a holding page for your domain with a single image, contact address and 50 word description for a low annual charge. This is useful for companies that don't want a full web site immediately but still want a web presence.

Search Engine Optimisation

TWS undertake Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services for existing sites using a variety of techniques as a stand alone service. Each technique increases in complexity and cost as detailed below. Successful SEO can transform a mundane site into a traffic magnet that has an enormous impact on a companies bottom line.

TWS has an excellent track record in SEO work, however, we do not perform miracles. The services offered are aimed at optimising a sites performance within the scope of its market. Site optimisation will result in the optimal performance of your site within that market and not necessarily top rankings across the board. However, from experience we can say that owning top positions for keyword root words, ie, "widgets" will not in itself generate a high rate of traffic, rather terms such as "plastic widgets" or "moulded widgets" will be significantly more common place. As such a well optimised site will also capture these stem words to. This is more important if you only serve a niche market such as plastic widgets were hits for metal widgets are of no interest. Other qualifying stem terms include geographical locations. As such it is the objective of a good SEO campaign to address the broader spectrum of search terms and if in the progress of that the site strikes gold for the root term then all the better. Further, successful SEO does not necessarily dictate high traffic where the market is small or very specialist or where traditional routes to market are more usual such as in the case of aerospace engine manufacture where word of mouth and long term market research are more important than surfing the internet for the first company providing these services. For further information on how SEO can help benefit your company please feel free to contact TWS for a brief discussion on the potential.

The basic SEO service involves simple inclusion of suitable meta tags and page keyword density and is generally unobtrusive. Ideal for sites that might have been written inhouse and have not had the basics carried out on them before. This is a one off service. Rates based on 5 page site with additional pages, if included in project scope, at £10 each. £120

An intermediate SEO campaign involves rewording page content to reflect search engine requirements and requires potentially significant changes to the content such that the page may not be exactly what the client would intuitively feel they need or want to tell a potential customer, but will communicate effectively with the search engine to hopefully increase traffic. This is a one off service. Rates based on 5 page site with additional pages, if included in project scope, at £10 each. £200

An advanced SEO campaign is the same as an intermediate SEO campaign but is long term and requires a management contract from TWS as per the standard web site management service. The benefit of this campaign is that keyword performance and search engine rankings can be monitored and modified accordingly. Rates based on 12 page site with additional pages, if included in project scope, at £10 each. £600.

The intense SEO package involve 2 reviews each week and intense promotional activity. This service is long term with options for reduced activity such as 1 month on, two months off etc, and will usually have a particular objective. The intense service incorporates all the features of the Advanced Service except at a higher frequency. The cost of the Intense SEO service is £500 per month.

For truly effective SEO a site redesign is usually required. This approach transforms the whole site into a search engine friendly platform that will maximise traffic at all levels. The redesign service can be applied as either a one off service or as a long term managed option based on the standard web site management service. Bespoke tools are used to monitor search engine rankings and traffic levels. Search engines today look at entire sites in order to determine search engine rankings when indexing and not just the content of a single page. This requires a relatively simple, but well structured navigation system that helps Google to make the right decisions. Any site brought to TWS for SEO would be expected to undergo an SEO redesign, however, if it is felt that the design is already well built then a less advanced option might be preferable. £1100

E-mail Hosting

Ideal for stand alone e-mail requirements. Free domain. Service offers pop account as well as web mail.

Whilst most people use e-mail as an everyday part of their lives there are still a large number of people that still use a Hotmail, Gmail of Yahoo account etc. The obvious benefit of these is that they are free, but in many cases they dont look good. TWS can help you get the e-mail account you need.

To order your own e-mail account all you need to do is call now on 07745 466 608.

Following a short one to one consultation to determine your requirements, and the reciept of payment which can be made below, your domain will be purchases and account set up. This process generally takes 24 hours but in many cases can but operational within a few hours.


E-Mail Lists & Templates

Technical Web Services can offer e-mail campaigns using client data. We can also design e-mail templates for £50.

Sending out e-mails to your prospects and customers can be a great way to get the word out about new products and services. Through the use of customer opt in e-mail address collection TWS can help you generate a list of recipients that want to be kept up to date with your latest products and services. This service is available to existing customers with a web site. New customers with existing web sites are welcome but a client transfer to a TWS server is required. The system incorporates a special submit box on the customers web site that collects the e-mail addresses when people opt into the mailing list. The service is designed for small volumes of mail upto 1000 address, although larger volumes can be considered.

E-mail templates are a great way to improve your branding, whether its a standard template for every e-mail or a special template for an e-mail marketing campaign. We can even design bespoke templates for invoicing and quotations as well as pdf based e-mail templates.

TWS offer web based e-mail marketing facilities. This inhouse developed solution offers a simple interface for writing e-mails for mail-shots, saving them, editing them, testing them and finally sending them out to master data-lists, all managed online through a customers control interface integrated through their web site. The benefit of this approach is that customers do not need special e-mail templates written for clients such as Outlook or Windows Mail etc. The system is simple in nature and does not offer mail merging or reporting and can be offered free as part of the TWS managed service, if required.


Web Site Analytics

Technical Web Services offer specialist website analytics designed specifically for the typical TWS customer. The system is designed to be easy to use and interpret and is under constant development.

The paragraphs below provide a rough breakdown of the analytical counter system.
There are a number of web counters and analytical tools on the market, however, its remarkable the number of people that have no idea what the traffic to their site looks like. Free web counters range from Nedstat and Extreme Tracking through to server based tools such as webaliser. Google also provides a comprehensive tool that allows for fairly advanced website traffic monitoring. However, all of these systems are designed to be comprehensive to suit everyone's needs and as such provide far too much information than is immediately required by the average web site owner. As such, TWS has devised a concise counter and analytics system to meet the more immediate requirements of its specific market. This system represents a significant feature of the TWS service. The sections below provide a rough overview of each particular element.

The counter system represents a basic overview of traffic, a snapshot of which can be seen at the top of the page. The counter shows daily and monthly traffic as two separate bar charts giving a clear and immediate idea of traffic volumes. Below this is a reverse chronological list of the 100 hits showing date, time, reverse IP and referrer. The data can also detect occasional networks and extract around 50% of search terms. This means that if a large company, or a company with a network has visited your site, such as an oil company, airline or local authority you can tell who it is, ideal if your market is business to business. The keyword extraction makes it easier to see what people were typing in to find your website.

The Search Terms feature synthesises all the keywords from referrer strings to and shows them in alphabetical order showing the times the term has been searched for and with quick links to Google, Yahoo and Bing to do a search with that term. An interesting feature.

The overview is a hand moderated section that details base key words, update times, domains, directory listings, page rank links, Back link tools, search engine indexing and much more.

Aggregating the companies from the main counter this page shows only hits that might have originated from a company giving you the referrer link and the website of that company as well as the date and time.

The Google page is part of the SEO tool kit and details target keywords and their respective rankings in Google. This can be expanded to include Yahoo, Bing and other search engines.

The site SEO page is actually a structure list of page names, titles, meta descriptions and keywords which provides a comprehensive view of these details in one page, ideal for reviewing page details.

New for 2010 are the tracking features that allow you to track visitor activity over time. Combined with company tracking this allows you to really get a good feel for whats happening. You can see when a visitor found you though a google search, and then returned a week later looking for you by name. You can detect long term trends and modify your site accordingly.

The system is set up to be flexible and can be modified to include almost any other feature required. The counter environment often hosts content management elements such as news, vacancies, document upload, comments and price lists.


Expert Witness

Technical Web Services offer Expert Witness services for court cases or direct conflict resolution. Based on over 8 years of intense web based activity, TWS are ideally suited to cast expert option on a whole range of complex issues. This service costs £200/day.

Typical examples are highlighted below:.


Contract & Proposal Review: TWS have been called in to review contract proposals in relation to high value SEO bids. In these instances, it can be determined that SEO suppliers and others can often hide the nature of their proposed service activity beneath layers of flowery language and complex terms. This service can also involve sitting in on contract negotiations and meetings as a third party expert witness to determine that the service provider is putting forward readily achievable objectives as well as determining that all such measures to determine these objectives are met are in place. This service is also applicable to web site design proposals and management bids.
Domain Resolution: A small area but often a complex one, TWS can advise on domain ownership and domain squatting issues. TWS can also assist in retrieving lost domains from service providers that are out of business or otherwise unwilling to undertake domain transfers or changes of ownership.
Delivery Issues: TWS can assist in cases where a service provider has failed to deliver to the clients expectations. This can cover overall expectation of graphic design and quality of delivered products, as well as traffic performance issues. Many small companies do not fully understand what it is to get a web site. The general understanding is that web design companies are magical and by delivering a web site they are delivering top rankings and unlimited business enquiries. This is often not the case, however, in many instances, a service provider can miss-sell their product with the promise of state of the art out of the box high end graphic design and top rankings. And in many cases this is not delivered. TWS can provide expert witness on design issues including missing links, images, faulty coding, non-functioning database integration and javascript as well as any other issues that might be otherwise making a site either unusable or not fit for purpose. TWS can also advise on SEO attempts where service providers have promised high rankings that have failed to materialise. In the case of SEO activity it is reasonable for the service provider to demonstrate what they have done to achieve results. If they do the TWS can examine these efforts and deliver an expert witness statement on them, else, a case could be taken to court, and a judge could order the service provider to either provide evidence of the work they have carried out or satisfy a claim in favour of the customer. These types of claim are difficult to move forward and would depend largely on the merits of each individual case.
Costing: TWS can also advise on costing issues, advising on market standards and service value. The whole world of web based services is generally unregulated. As such, costs can vary considerably across the board. Some companies can charge £50 for a tag change whilst others offer this service for free. In many cases the values are negligible, but once your spend reaches a certain level it can be beneficial to perform some cost analysis. In particular, paid advertising services can often incur huge costs with little return. TWS can assist at all levels in determining the overall value of your web based spend and advise on best practice for controlling expenditure. As a third party Expert Witness, TWS will produce an audit with recommendations. TWS has experience in saving companies more than £1000/year in this regard.
General Service: In many cases, court action is not necessary, as many problems are caused by the differences in a customers understanding of issues and that of the service provider. In such cases, TWS can act as a mediator in a conflict resolution role between the two parties to determine the best course of action.
This service is aimed mainly at the small to medium sized business and TWS are not interested in representing large corporate's. The service is suited to claimants moving through the small claims courts and where, whilst in many cases the costs are prohibitive, we have found that one of the major obstacles in pursuing this route is the access to affordable Expert Witnesses.

Also, please note that the expert witness service does not cover legal advice, only technical opinion on web related practice and services.

If you do feel that your service provider has done the dirty on you and would like to pursue legal action, TWS can help.

To learn more about our Expert Witness services please feel free to call for an informal chat on 07745 466608, or e-mail


Before you elect to use an expert witness you must determine what sort of service you require. The options are generally either Advice or Preparation Of Report For Court. The two options are detailed below:

Advice: Advice can be provided at several levels:

Verbal Consultation
Informal Report (no scalability for court use)
Formal Report (Based on Model Report for Court use)
Court Report: A Court Report will be based on a Model report as described by the CPR35. Preparation of a Court Report is generally more onerous and can result in written questions from the court or other party as well as court attendance, all of which will result in additional fees.

In all cases, the provision of the service shall be approached as through a duty to a court, that is, the service is impartial and you might not feel that the conclusions are correct or in your favour. To put this into perspective, when a client appoints an expert witness to a court case, the expert witness's duty is to the Court, not the client who appointed him.

Whatever type of service you require you will need to supply supporting information as well as providing clear instructions such as a number of questions to which you wish expert answers. For example:

Can you determine whether or not the web site at a particular domain is complete and performing to certain criteria set out in a particular document.
Determine the fairness of design fees for a particular service.
Determine that a particular service for SEO has been carried out, and whether full care has been undertaken in the provision of this service.
The more specific the questions the better. You can ask as many as you like.


The pdf link below give guidance on the use of experts in court cases:

Civil Justice Council - Protocol for the Instruction of Experts to give Evidence in Civil Claims.

Form N244 is used for appointing a witness including Single Joint Witnesses and costs £40 to process through your court. Please note that TWS recommend that you download your N244 form from the site in order to ensure that you have the latest edition as the form linked below could be out of date. (form correct as of 04/03/10):

FTP Accounts

Technical Web Services offer ftp only services, for £50/year each.

FTP service includes unlimited bandwidth and 1000mb web space.

FTP Service

The TWS FTP service is ideal for remote document management and allows you to work collaboratively with clients who need to send large files. To order FTP space call now. You can use the Buy Now button below to pay for this service.


There are a number of requirements for using FTP space, in particular having access to and understanding of FTP processes. FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. There are a wide range of programs that you can use for FTP, many of which are free. You can also carry out FTP transfers through Windows and other operating systems. However, in general, you will need to figure out how you and your clients are going to use the service. This service is marketed towards people that know what FTP is and how to use it. However, TWS are always happy to help, so give us a call.


Web Site Promotion

Technical Web Services can help you promote your site through paid services such as Applegate,, Kelly search, Google ad campaigns, Lycos, and other specialised service directories. All promotion services are carried out for existing customers only, although for a premium the service can be offered to non customers.

Google Adsense

The google adsense program can be run as a service for existing customers. TWS provide Google Adsense campaigns for cost + 20%. Google ads are a great and very cost effective way to generate extra traffic for a site. The cost per click can be exceptionally economic costing as little as 1p, although typical rates are 10p with agressive and highly competitive campaigns running at 50p. Even at 50p a hit Google still undercuts all major competitive business directories. Google campaigns can also be run between certain hours which means you can for example only run your campaign between 9am and 5pm, week days.
Directories Free

TWS have a database with over 2500 directories which are classified for easy reference. Clients are submitted to all relevent free directories and traffic returns are monitored through the client control panel. Whilst generating traffic, this also allows clients an insight into which directories are worth spending more with inorder to increase traffic. Many of these directories and highly specific and industry niche.
Directories Paid

TWS undertake paid submissions on behalf of clients for cost + 15%. Results can be monitored through the clients control panel and an end of service review is carried out to determine directory investment value. Directory traffic tends to be more qualified although lower traffic volumes make the cost per click generally higher. Prime directories include Kellysearch, Applegate and Business Magnet.


Graphic Development

Technical Web Services can develop advanced graphic images to enhance an existing site or to develop a company identity, including banners, background images, 3D animation and photographic manipulation.


TWS undertake image development using Firework and Photoshop. These tools allow for graphic development of images such as map, photographs and company identity. Product images can also be captured for shop catalogues and product libraries.

Photographic Development

TWS are often required to develop photographic material. In the past this has involved adding signwork and windows to the sides of buildings, removing junk, graffiti and reflections. Other types of photographic development include adjusting shadows and exposure, a common requirement for photographic material taken by clients indoors in bad lighting.

Logo Development

A common requirement for TWS is to develop or simply rebuild a logo. Logos are often supplied as nothing more than letterheads or business cards. TWS have even replicated logos from vintage signwork which required photographing in order to create a base image. From there TWS can rebuild fonts, patterns and colours as well as enhancing and developing the logo, for example adding gradients, shadows and reflections etc.

General Creativity

All types of general creativity can be undertaken including montages, cartoonising and special lighting effects.TWS is not a graphics design agency and so we don't offer extensive in depth graphic design however, we can tackle most web related work and of course have the phenomenal power of Photoshop CS4 at our disposal. Below are a series of line drawings that were created by hand from original photos:


Dynamic Development

Graphic development can also include dynamic content such as this clock:


Mobile Content

Technical Web Services offer a mobile content service for new and existing clients offering basic to intermediate functionality. With more and more devices able to display web based content the benefits of having a mobile web site are becoming more and more apparent. TWS can build mini-mobile websites for £100 based on existing sites or content.

Flash Development

Technical Web Services will develop simple graphic banners, images, and backgrounds as well as develop product presentations and online demos, using Flash technology.

Flash work is usually incorporated into scrolling image banners, dynamic banners, intros, and sequential image shows. Flash can also be used for enhanced functionality such as protecting e-mail addresses and navigation.


In general flash is used for simple features that are integrated into a traditional HTML page format. TWS does not write full scale flash driven web sites.


Tables To CSS Conversions

Technical Web Services offer table to CSS conversions. This service offers a full and complete conversion of old tables sites with fonts tags etc to a nearest match CSS equivalent. This is a manual service and is suited for sites with upto 10-20 pages. The cost is £200.

Benefits of converting to CSS include increased speed, greater versatility going forward and the preservation of your existing websites look and feel.


CSS conversions allow you to bring your website upto speed with regards to the latest technology standards. Today, tables and font driven sites out of date like video cassettes and floppy disks. They still work, but they are not sympathetic to the latest technology platforms.

A site conversion is cheaper than a redesign. You might really like your existing site and want to preserve its look and feel. You might want to preserve the sites structure because it works for customers and you don't want to change that magical relationship. .

A CSS conversion can also help with SEO. Search engines like Yahoo and Bing, it is 'rumoured' prefer clean standards compliment modern CSS code. And because CSS tends to load faster you'll score points there too.


The service is not a redesign. Every attempt will be made to replicate your site exactly as it is. New graphics will be made up where required, but the conversion service is not an opportunity to sneak in a few 'upgrades'. If you want a redesign or modifications we can discuss that under the redesign service options.

The service aims for a best fit result. As such, the new CSS site might look slightly different in certain areas, and in general, these compromises will be considered part of the service. Examples include stylisation's generated directly from antiquated table border styles that are not readily replicated in CSS or simple html errors or quirks that were wrong in the original site to start off with.

The service is subject to an initial site review to determine that a conversion is feasible. For large or complex sites the pricing could be higher. But for the average tables based site TWS are happy to offer a full tables to CSS conversion for £200.

For more information, call now on 07745 466608.


Digital Image Capture

Technical Web Services offer a content capture service using digital technology for both images and video. Image capture can be made on site or at the TWS photographic facilities.

Basic Image capture is part of the standard web design service, however, TWS offer this service to all interested parties. Images can be provided in raw format, scaled and converted to web ready images and edited to remove background objects and set consistant background colours. Final image sets are then supplied on disk.

Digital Photography

Digital photography can be undertaken both on and off site. TWS base their service on the Fujifilm FinePix S9600 digital camera. Image capture is ordinarily carried out at 1280 by 960 pixels (1m) although maximum image resolution achievable is 3488 by 2616 pixels (9m). Formats include CCD-RAW and JPEG. Image editing is carried out with a range of software including Photoshop CS2 and Macromedia Fireworks.


Video is carried out with the Fujifilm FinePix S602Zoom digital camera which is equiped with an IBM 1gb microdrive suited for 15 minutes VGA (640 by 480 pixels) and 30 minutes QVGA (320 by 240 pixels) data capture at 30 frames per second. Video is normally either used for integration with Flash features or as a direct Quicktime or Realtime video down load.

Video is ideal for demonstrating processes such as machine operation, as well as video presentations and virtual guided tours.

Studio Photography

For more detailed photographic work, studio work can be carried out inhouse. TWS is equipped with a 6" by 4" studio table with backdrop facilities and lighting upto 1000 watts. Studio photography ideal ideal for capturing high resolution images of products and items under controlled conditions.


Domain Capture

TWS offer a domain capture service for £50. This service can also be applied to .com and other TLD's.

This service is ideal for companies that know a particular domain is set to expire or for when there are other obstacles for immediate transfer through other channels. Domain Capture

The process of capturing a domain a manual one. Under Nominets domain rules a domain will become available on the market approximately 90-99 days after it expires. However, they have been known to appear earlier. Unlike other TLD's you cannot put a forward purchase order on a domain, you literally have to check on a day by day or even and hour by hour basis. However, TWS can do that for you for £50 which whilst paid in advance, is fully refundable if we fail to get your domain. Call now on 07745 466608 to discuss your requirement and use the Paypal button below to order this service. Cheque's also accepted.

There are many reasons why a company might want to capture a domain that they don't already own:

The domain is attractive such as (Unavailable, we've tried).
The domain was purchased in the name of a web developer who can no longer prove they own the domain. This actually happened, the owner purchased the domain in the name of her limited company which she had later dissolved and was unable to generate proof of ownership (it was a complex story), the best course of action was to let the domain expire naturally and then capture it, which we did.
Your favourite competitor has gone out of business and it looks like the domain has been let to expire. Pick up the domain and benefit from all the free links that that provides. Whilst the issue of collecting latent e-mails to that domain is a gray area, its another good reason to chase an ambulance.
The domain has great value otherwise. It does happen. I once spent an afternoon thinking that was available. Its was like someone had given me a million pounds and I was trying to figure out how to spend it. Unfortunately it was my brain that had expired, not the domain, but you never know.

Other TLD's

TWS also offer a domain capture service for other domains but the process will vary from domain to domain so please call for more information.

Domain Acquisition

TWS can also act as an intermediary in the acquisition of other domains. The idea is that TWS will approach a domain owner and attempt to purchase the domain directly for a price. We do actually have experience of this, securing domains for almost cost prices. However, in many cases the domain holder will see an opportunity to make money and will ask for an exorbitant amount of money .However, if you want the domain, its always worth a go. To find out how TWS can help you purchase a domain, feel free to call. This service costs £50 to non TWS clients but is free for existing managed service clients. Use the Paypal button below to pay for this service.


Database Development

Technical Web Services offer online database driven design & development services based on mySQL and php based technology, as well as online catalogue creation. Typical applications include web traffic counters, directories, customer editable pages, dynamic content, charts, and document management systems.

Secure Client Areas

Technical Web Services can develop secure password protected client areas with or without SSL encryption to support client login areas and support for remote users. Sites with large numbers of users can be supported with a client managed username and password system.

Members Only Areas

TWS offer the creation of members only web portals for collaboration as well as applications such as presenting online POD's and invoices.
Editable Web Content

For clients wishing to edit their own web content a secure portal can be created allowing access to a simple content management system.
Document Control

Another example of this type of application is the control of pdf documents, typically product sheets with moderately confidential information. TWS have experience in the development of document control systems for the delivery of pdf documents online that can be seen in list format online, but are protected by HTAccess control. Customers without a password are directed to a sign up page where they are required to submit their details. It is then at the discretion of the site owner to determine whether access is allowed, and this is done through a secure password management system which allows the site owner the option to delete any passwords at any time. This system is ideal for controlling access to technical data sheets whilst at the same time promoting their existence.



Technical Web Services offer e-commerce services using custom written or off the shelf platforms using merchant services such as PayPal and WorldPay for client accounting and real time credit card processing. Shops can be set up to sell any number of item from 1 specific product to a catalogue of 1,000. Custom written sites start off at £2500 for a store with approximatly 50-200 products that can be managed by the client. Additional items cost £2 each if uploaded by TWS.

Shops are generally better suited to businesses that are already trading in the real world or have a strong online presence with lots of established traffic. If your a business start up looking to profit directly from your shop from the word go then you could well be disappointed. There are many factors that effect the success of any online business, one of which is trust. If your shop does not have a bricks and mortar address or a readily accessible customer service contact number then customers will probably think twice about using your services. However if you have a strong online presence or a good reputation and or a bricks and mortar real world presence then TWS can help you get your online shop up and running quickly.


PDF Document Management

Technical Web Services offer a PDF conversion service for companies looking to make technical papers, brochures, legal papers, course notes, web sites or other working documents available over the internet in a fixed format.

PDF Files

TWS use Adobe Acrobat 6.0 Standard for the creation of PDF (Portable Document Format) files. This allows for the easy conversion of Microsoft Office files such as Word into PDF files, as well as scanned documents and web sites. PDF files are both secure, and have a small file size, making them ideal for use on the internet. PDF files can also be indexed and search by search engines.


Network & IT Systems Development

TWS can help you to develop your network and IT systems resources including network installation and wiring as well as connecting to broadband services. Services are generally reserved for existing clients although service can be offered to non clients by special arrangement and at a premium rate.


TWS undertake network instalations, upgrades, and trouble shooting for both wired and wireless systems, for Windows XP environments. TWS do not cater for server based network systems.
Data Backup

TWS can help to manage suitable data back up and recovery regimes including proposals for disaster recovery. Technology covered includes network attached storage, tape, external hard drive, flash cards CD's and windows networked pc's acting as servers.

Broadband connections can be carried out for clients still using dial up services.
PC & General Hardware

Trouble shooting, upgrades and new instalations for PC's, printers, scanners and associated devices. Upgrades for RAM, video cards, hard drives and general maintenance.
Data Recovery

TWS offer basic data recovery from IDE and SATA hard drives where either a main pc unit fails to work or a disk is compromised and the operating system fails to boot. Data recovery is not possible from disks that have mechanical problems or are otherwise inaccessable.
Virus Repair

TWS undertake repair of pc's affected by viruses and other malicious activity. Service is based on the Microsoft system restore function, virus checking software direct pc inspection and operating system reinstalation.


Web Hosting

TWS offer a web hosting service allowing you to control your own e-mail accounts and web site content. Hosting includes 100mb of space, ftp details and e-mail control etc. Annual hosting fee is £80/year.

Modifications to hosted only web sites, including none TWS hosted websites cost £50/hour.

Buy Now

To purchase your hosting account and have your web site transferred and set up simply call now on 07745 466608. TWS will require information relating to your current hosting arrangements as well as payment which can be made below for £80.00.

Once payment has been made, TWS will transfer hosting to a TWS server ASAP. However, please note that this is not always as simple as it sounds. If you no longer have access to your site then the transfer could well involve a complete rebuild of pages from the published site or even out of date backups. The benefit of using TWS for your hosting is that we will handle the often difficult transfer process for you meaning all you have to do is ask us to carry out the change on your behalf.


Modifications to hosted web sites, including none TWS hosted websites cost £50/hour. Please note, modifications are FREE for all TWS fully managed clients, £200/year. The hosting only service is ideal for customers who feel there is no need for changes to their site either in the short or long term OR have the inhouse capability to carry out these changes themselves through a suitable FTP program.



Online questionaire technology allows you to run a questionaire as a stand alone operation or as an integrated part of your web site or marketing strategy. Open form based format means any number of questions including multiple choice and open ended text questions can be asked with the results sent by e-mail to any number of predefined addresses. Ideal for customer feedback, and general profiling.


TWS are available for group presentations covering any aspect of web design, development, management and promotion. Large projector screen technology means almost any number of people can benefit from a single presentation or group meeting.

Desktop Publishing

Technical Web Services offer simple desktop publishing services to existing clients. This could be the production of a flyer or brochure to print based on your website or anything else such as a job advert.

Banner Ads

Technical Web Services can provide you with simple banner ads, either static or dynamic gif's.


TWS are currently offering Twitter support for existing managed clients. Twitter is actually a free service although integrating Twitter into your web strategy is something that requires a little thought. TWS can help you twit and tweet to your existing and prospect customers as well as all other interested parties.
Twitter is a bit like having an e-mail list that you send messages to except that the messages are shorter and appear amongst a stream of messages to which the follower is subscribing. To set up Twitter you create a Twitter account on the Twitter site. Thats all there is to it. However, to attract readers or 'followers' you need to promote your account, which you can do through your web site. Ideally through a graphic button.

Once your Twitter account and promotion is set up you can then Twit and Tweet, ie, send messages. To do that you log into your Twitter account and type a short message into the text box which will then appear in all your followers Twitter screen.

The benefit of using Twitter is that it allows you to communicate through a less formal channel to keep your readers up to date with what your doing. A good example would be to let people know of an offer you are having tomorrow. Twitter is very realtime. As such your communications should reflect that.

Twitter is not for everyone. But if your wondering what all the Twit is about then TWS can help you become cool and trendy.


Technical Web Services offer a blog hosting service using Word Press for £70. The service includes e-mail accounts and a domain. The service does not include support above provision of a stable server platform. Customisation of the blog costs an additional £100.

Message Boards

Technical Web Services offer a message board hosting service using phpBB 2/3. The service includes e-mail accounts and a domain. The service does not include support above provision of a stable server platform. Customisation of the message board costs an additional £100.

Logo Design

Technical Web Services can design a logo for your company.


Technical Web Services accepts payment by Paypal where discussed and agreed. Payment by Paypal is subject to a 4% surcharge. To make a payment please click the button below and fill in the amount you wish to send in the appropriate box.

Web Company Takeovers

TWS are happy to takeover or acquire existing web design companies, generally at no charge. For many people, the idea of starting a web design company is attractive and getting the first few customers is usually quite easy, however, the long term appeal can often wear off, mainly because it is hard and demanding work and the return is not that great. However, looking for a way out is not that easy.

Disposing Of Your Portfolio

The scenario is this, you have 10-20 clients, and they are often demanding and unprofitable. The appeal of starting in business has waned and you feel better suited to a regular wage and working hours without the burden of liability and responsibility associated with running your own business. However, you have 10-20 clients to keep happy. Sure you could manage them in your spare time, but even that prospect is tiring and further, some of them are quite demanding, and who can blame them, they are after all running a business too and possibly require immediate contact with their hosting company for design modifications, e-mail issues or downtime issues. The burden of all this leads you to wish you had never had that great idea to start up a web design company but you don't want to let your clients down or loose face by 'going out of business'. An easy option is to have another company, such as TWS take over your portfolio.

About You

TWS is only interested in taking over small home based businesses that have been started on a shoe string budget or small portfolios as described below. This is not a big time mergers and acquisitions game but rather a friendly gesture that can prove profitable for all parties involved. You might only have a small client based started from friends and family or found yourself picking up clients from an off the cuff business venture started at collage or work. However, we are also keen to look at clients from other sectors such as the print or network/computer hardware market where after creating a single site the idea to start a web design & hosting company seemed natural but where the long term implications are now unattractive. You might be retiring or winding down a current business venture or might be a going concern that wants to transfer a difficult or undesirable client. TWS specialise in engineering comapnies, so this might make sense to you. Your portfolio ideally consists of small brochure websites consisting of 2-20 pages with minimal flash or database integration, possibly all out of date style wise for business involved in the SME sector. In short we are not interested acquiring buildings, large assets, employees or portfolios consisting of large cumbersome and involved websites. If this sounds like you then please bookmark this page for future reference and read on.

How It Works

TWS has experience in company take overs. Its a complicated and costly business. In theory its easy, but in practice the amount of time involved and effort makes it unprofitable. TWS can handle all of the work for you. The biggest hurdle to cross is contacting each and every client. Sounds easy, but in practice its a process that can take months. People are not answering phones, numbers are wrong, people have moved about but more importantly, each client is a unique person that needs to be handled with care which takes time. You have probably built up a relationship and trust with your client which needs to be preserved. But there's more too it, clients might actually be unhappy with their service, you might have been avoiding calls, you might already be working and unable to see them immediately or deal with their needs. Also, clients might not like the fact that their business has been moved to another company. That's the people side of a takeover, but there's the technical and financial issues too. How much have you been charging your clients. Often informal agreements have been made or low rates set. TWS honour all rates for the first year. Technical challenges include transferring domains, hosting, managing databases, and ensuring all the right account information and history is transferred and understood. Situations where multiple hosting and specific A Name setups have been used need to be handled. Because of all this the prospect of moving clients to a new host is daunting and really unprofitable, especially when compared to the profit associated with getting new clients that require new websites.


How much is your company worth? On paper you'd be surprised at how little a web host and design company is worth. If your charging £100/year for hosting and have 20 clients that's £2000. However, that's £2000 worth of business that is being honoured by TWS, that value wont be realised for 12 months. Further, what is its real worth? How many clients are friends that have low rates, clients with multiple sites and more importantly, how many of those clients are long term prospects. The world is full of people starting web sites up that last for a year or so. Realistically, you'll have clients that have sites that don't work and wont get renewed. For example, a portfolio of time shares in Spain is not an attractive prospect. Because of these issues and the time associated with dealing with new clients and transferring data and hosting platforms, TWS offer a no cost transfer service allowing you to wash your hands of your liability and get on with your life.


TWS is a small business, like yours and understands the burdens of business. To be honest you are probably keen to get it over and done with. TWS offer a quick and easy service. Further, TWS take the time to get to know your clients and ensure that they are happy with the hand over. Your clients are not just numbers, they are individuals. But moreover, because TWS manage websites effectively, you can be assured that your clients are moving onto better grounds. Whilst we honour standard hosting and pricing arrangements, we also discuss your clients expectations of their site and determine what can be done to achieve these results. One of the biggest reasons for loosing interest in running a web design company is clients that do nothing but complain. If you are only hosting sites and not promoting them then its not surprising. Clients expect their web site to generate traffic, but that doesn't happen without effort. You might have spent several years in business already only to realise this for yourself. TWS offer advanced management services that involves the client and provides a common platform for managing traffic and realising expectations. In practice a site that is designed and hosted will not generate alot of traffic but measuring, interpreting and communicating that traffic volume is not easy. You might have Apache Web Logs but your clients probably wont understand them. They are in the dark and can feel cheated and cynical. TWS offer a clear interface for clients which allows them to see how their web site is performing. This means that if their site doesn't appear to work, we can then sit down and determine what can be done. In short, because TWS take the time to pick up your clients business relationship you can rest assured that you are not letting them down.

Want To Know More

If you want to know more about how TWS can help you ensure business continuity for your clients please feel free to call now for an informal chat on 07745 466608.


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