Techniplas Ltd

Techniplas is a high quality injection moulding company. We have shown that the correct approach at the start of the project will save time and money when it comes to sampling and production. 

 Techniplas are happy to work on projects from low volume batches to the multi millions of components. We are able to provide a complete service including assembly, post moulding decoration and packaging.

We use the latest technologies in our production including the latest automation to produce parts, monitor quality and ensure repeatability.

We process a wide variety of materials and have excellent material knowledge. We are able to offer advice on best choice of material for any given project and highlight the advantages of each option.

There are three types of polymers that we use. Commodity Polymers are used in a wide range of applications often where high volume, lower cost solutions are required. Engineering Polymers are used for their excellent mechanical strength, rigidity, heat resistance, chemical stability and flame retardency. Advanced Polymers are used for specialist applications where certain characteristics are critical.

Techniplas Ltd Overview