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As the principle subsidiary division of H.E.F Group based in France, Techniques Surfaces UK Ltd look after the distribution and commercial operation of developed processes and surface treatments that have been developed and researched by H.E.F. We are able to give you a service that is professional and meets the requirements of the engineering industry. All of our surface treatments go through quality system approvals and maintain ISO9002.

Sursulf Treatment

Our sursulf treatment involves a process of utilising sulphur from salts which are non-polluting and operate at 570C. If your steels and cast iron items are suffering from seizure and wear problems then we can solve the problem. By producing a compact hard layer, sursulf treatment is fast and cost effective and will prolong the life of your parts.   

Arcor Treatment

The arcor treatment involves a process that combines finishing and passivation treatments with thermo-chemical diffusion, by doing this it gives the surface excellent resistance to scuffing, wear, corrosion and scuffing. The single arcor treatment is widely used within the automotive industry as it can be adapted to replace other repeated treatments at a reduced cost.  

TS Carbides Treatment

An extremely hard layer of metallic carbide is produced during the TS carbides treatment process. The TS carbides treatment has been designed to provide a hardness of 3000 to 3500 Hv which gives resistance against seizure, scuffing and wear on tool steels. A whole range of complex shapes can be treated using this method. 

Sulf BT Treatment

Using a treatment to create a layer of iron sulphide, the sulf BT treatment improves resistance to scuffing, wear and seizure as well as adding strength. The sulf BT treatment has self lubricating properties and can be used to treat a variety of components which have been tempered, hardened or carburised.

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