TECNI Ltd comprises :

TECNICable - which, since 2005, has been supplying premium quality steel wire rope and cable, wire rope fittings, wire rope tools and manufactures bespoke cable assemblies to businesses and consumers across a very diverse range of markets worldwide. It is now one of the largest and well-known brands in the UK specialising in small diameter cables.

TECNILift - With a wealth of knowledge and experience of lifting, pulling and materials handling products and equipment, TECNILift supplies a wide range of these products and services from some of the World's leading manufacturers, for example Crosby, Yale, Kuplex, Tirfor and Tractel products.

TECNI Marine - A one-stop-shop for marine accessories for sailing, yachting and other marine activities.


The TECNI Difference is our Committment to Quality Product and Best-in-Class Customer Service.

TECNI are committed to to supplying premium quality, defect-free products and providing knowledgeable and friendly advice and first class service to every individual customer, no matter how large or small to meet or exceed their expectation.

TECNI Experience, Expertise and Shared Knowledge - The TECNI Team has a combined wire rope, lifting equipment and materials handling experience of over 100 years. This knowledge and expertise we happily pass on to our customers. We will advise you on the best products for your project through email and on the end of the phone; videos, safe use data sheets and product data literature are all available online.


Steel Wire Rope

Stainless Steel Wire Rope, Stainless Steel Cable, Braided Wire Rope, and Braided Cable

TECNI stocks an extensive range of AISI 316 marine grade stainless steel wire and cable in 1x19 (non-flexible), 7x7 (flexible), and 7x19 (extra flexible) constructions, specialising in small diameter wire rope, from miniature ones, 0.54mm, up to 12mm diameter but can supply larger cables on request.  

TECNI only supplies braided stainless steel cable of the highest quality. It is consistently high performing, premium cable, tested with the latest technology in Germany, to ensure correct chemical composition, strength, quality of finish and manufacturing consistency. Our stainless steel cable and braided wire rope is premium quality and high performance. It is low twist, flexible, true to size, clean and preformed.

Extremely corrosion resistant, highly polished and very decorative, stainless steel braided wire rope and stainless steel braided cable is excellent for marine rope rigging, cable railing, architectural cables, cable balustrading, cable display systems and cable trellis.

TECNI also stocks a range of sizes of nylon and PVC coated stainless steel wire rope and cable. 

Galvanised Wire Rope

We stock a wide range of galvanised wire rope and galvanised cable from 1mm up in 7x7 (flexible), and 7x19 (extra flexible) and 19x7 (low rotation) constructions. It is an ideal all round cable for general engineering applications for example winch ropes, garage door cables, security cables and catenary wire.

Steel Wire Rope

Wire Rope Assemblies, Load Proof Testing. Destruction Testing.

TECNI Ltd manufactures high quality, custom made wire rope assemblies and lanyards for a wide variety of applications. All our cable assemblies are manufactured in-house by our fully trained Production Operatives who pride themselves on their attention to detail and care given to each manufactured assembly to ensure they are manufactured exactly as specified.

Our manufacturing processes and procedures as well as the quality of our cable and wire rope end fittings are continually monitored, quality checked and improved in line with our ISO9001 Quality Management System. See section below on Quality Assured.

What type of cable and wire rope assemblies can we manufacture?

TECNI manufactures wire rope assemblies from 0.54mm through to 22mm diameter, in galvanised, stainless steel and PVC and nylon coated wire rope for a huge variety of applications.

We work off engineer's drawings with tight tolerances as well as manufacturing simple cable assemblies and lanyards.  For example:

  • Certified load-rated, lifting quality assemblies
  • Stainless steel wire rope assemblies
  • Lighting support and suspension cable assemblies
  • Architectural tension cables
  • Gym cables
  • Catenary and wire rope tension systems
  • Winch ropes
  • Security cables
  • Wire rope slings.

Request a Quote

Please do not hesitate to contact us with your wire rope assembly and lanyard requirement.  We will be able to help!

What machines does TECNI operate?

  • TECNI has 6 hydraulic TALURIT open-face swagers:
  • 4 x 30T TALURIT Swagers
  • 1 x 150T TALURIT Swager
  • 1 x 600T TALURIT Swager

What manufacturing capabilities can TECNI offer?

  • Swage 0.8 to 22mm TALURIT aluminium and copper ferrules
  • Press stainless steel swage fittings to 22mm
  • Press Crosby steel swage fittings eg S501s and S502s
  • Resin fit spelter sockets up to 22mm
  • Flemish eye splice

What other in-house facilities and services can TECNI offer?

  • Load Proof Testing to 10t
  • Destruction testing
  • Low stress engraving and marking onto wire rope end fittings and wire rope hardware
  • Thermal laser printers for tough labelling
  • Electro-fuse wire rope ends
  • Certification to relevant standards and CE marking

Wire Rope Balustrade and Decking Wire Solutions

Cable Balustrading, Decking Wires and Cable Trellis Solutions

TECNI® Stainless Steel cable balustrade for decking, indoor and outdoor balustrading, staircases, boundary fencing wires, vineyard wires and other architectural features. Our unique DIY self-assembly balustrade systems not only look good and make an immediate impact but are quick and easy to install without needing any specialist tools or training. The finished result is professional without the costs!

Cable balustrade with horizontal and vertical stainless steel cable.

Our unique UK-manufactured DIY fittings are all A4-AISI 316 Marine grade stainless steel.  They are also ideal as Climbing Plant Support, Curtain Track, tension wires and other limitless applications.

TECNI® Stainless Cable Trellis

TECNI®-designed, to combine strength, ease and practicality with visual impact, to allow you to add colour and texture to your walls, fences and pergolas quickly and easily. These UK-manufactured TECNI® Cable Trellis Systems are the ultimate solution for all climbing plants, Green Walls and espalier trees.

Our systems are very flexible and We have 3 systems to suit your needs.

  • BASIC Cable Trellis.
  • STANDARD TECNI® Cable Trellis.
  • PRO TECNI® Cable Trellis.

Security Cables and Cable Locks from TECNI

TECNI® Security Cables and cable locks are made to measure and manufactured from plastic coated stainless steel cable.

Available in any length including extra long cable locks, different cable diameters and colours to suit your requirement. Simply select the length and colour and we will manufacture the cable and deliver it quickly.

The PVC coating is UV resistant, so perfect for securing single and multiple items outside, eg bikes, trailers, boats, garden furniture, etc.

Coated Wire Rope

PVC Coated Wire Rope

TECNI stocks a wide range of premium quality PVC coated A4 stainless steel and galvanised wire rope.

PVC coated cables are ideal for in and outdoor use and make excellent security cables, display cables and perfect for many marine applications. PVC coated cables last well outdoors as the coating is UV stable and the the coating is easy to strip back to form strong terminations.  

Please note: PVC coating is not suitable for prolonged operation over sheaves - please see our section Nylon Coated Wire Ropes.


Nylon Coated Wire Rope

Nylon coated stainless and galvanised wire ropes and miniature wire ropes can be used for all non-aerospace applications and come in a variety of sizes and colours supplied with test certification. Nylon coating is quite easy to strip and can be coloured with almost any base colour (subject to quantity required).

Nylon coating is suitable for working over sheaves - cable and coating life is very dependent upon the material, diameter and profile of the sheaves over which it runs.


Black Galvanised Cable for Theatre

TECNI's premium quality non-reflective, galvanized black steel cable is ideal for use in the Theatre industry and any application requiring camouflage and invisible rigging.

Coated Wire Rope

Aircraft Military Spec Galvanised and Stainless Steel Cable

Aircraft Military Spec Galvanised and Stainless Steel Cable

US Mil Spec 83420 - Aircraft Cable - MIL 83420 - Mil-DTL-83420

Manufactured by Loos and Co. Inc. in the USA we are proud to be able to offer Aircraft Cable US Military specification MIL-DTL-83420 in Stainless Steel and Galvanized Carbon Steel. Composition A is Zinc Galvanised Carbon Steel coated and Composition B - Corrosion resistant steel. Also called MIL 83420, and military spec. This cable supersedes the MIL-W-83420 range.

This cable has approx 25% higher breaking load than its commmercial equivalents so is ideal when fatigue is a concern. Aircraft controls, running rigging on sailboats, exercise equipment, winches and garage doors are all common applications.

TECNI®Grip Suspension Fittings

Micro-adjustable DIY Cable Suspension Fittings

Also known as Gliders and Sliders, TECNI®Grips are a very neat, safe and extremely versatile micro-adjustable DIY cable suspension fitting for use in numerous display and suspension applications. Of modern design and discreet appearance, these fittings allow you to draw attention to the exhibits not the suspensions. They are loadable and micro-adjustable up and down the cable, making them strong and easy to install without the need for any tools.

TECNI® Grips are reusable in other projects and can be used alone or coupled with a wide range of other fixings to make them almost universally usable .

These fittings are made from nickel-plated brass and are therefore mostly suited for indoor use. They can be used outdoors, however the external finish will tarnish over time.

Perfect for hanging and display applications such as: Shelving Pictures and Sculptures Signs, banners and posters, Lights and lighting fixtures, Exhibitions and Events, Theatres lights, retail display, architectural lighting/art.  Available for use for miniture cables to 8mm.

Wire Rope Fittings and Rigging Hardware

Wire Rope Rigging Hardware and Wire Rope End Fittings

Wire Rope End Fittings

Everything you need to terminate small steel wire ropes. Talurit stainless, aluminium and copper ferrules and crimps, wire rope thimbles, cable grips and clips, swage and swageless eye, jaw, stud and DIY terminals and the easy-to-fit Kwik-Loc cable grips. All these, perfect for creating cable assemblies and wire rope assemblies.


Wire Rope Rigging Hardware

TECNI offers a full range of wire rope hardware you need to tension, hook, divert, swivel and anchor wire rope once you have terminated it. This includes eye bolts and eye nuts (certified lifting and commercial), eyeplates, turnbuckles and rigging screws, swivels and carbine hooks.

DIN 580 and DIN 582 Lifting Eyebolts and Nuts

Italian manufactured white zinc-plated (BZP) eyebolts with metric threads, fully tested and certified in accordance with standard DIN 580:2010. Supplied with certificate 3.1 EN 10204, full chemical analysis, and CE marking.

Wire Rope Fittings and Rigging Hardware

Lifting Shackles

TECNI stocks a wide range of world-leading lifting shackles as well as our own brand lifting shackles for your high value and safety critical lifting applications.

Market leaders Crosby Lifting Shackles G-209, G2130, G209A, ROV Type can be used in all general and critical lifting applications. Kuplex shackles, world famous for their strength and quality, are available online as well as Kuplex Grade 8- and 10-chain sling hooks and fittings.

Wire Rope Tools

Felco cutters, TECNI® wire rope cutters, manual and hydraulic swaging tools and cable crimpers for pressing and swaging end terminals to steel wire ropes on-site and in the factory. High quality products that last in service.

Hydraulic Wire Rope Cutters and Crimpers

Hand held hydraulic wire rope, strand and cable cutters are able to cut a variety of cables and wire ropes.

Wire rope cutters and crimpers are ideal both for daily use and as an emergency last measure.


Hand Held Wire Cutters

High-quality wire rope cutters and steel cable cutters to cut wire rope and steel cable safely and effectively. We stock a wide range of wire rope cutters including the Swiss made Felco C7, C9, C12, C16 and our own TECNI® brand steel cable cutters.


Hand Held Crimpers

Low effort, compact and economical hydraulic crimpers for securely crimping stainless steel, copper and aluminium ferrules and stainless steel fittings onto wire rope. The tools come in a plastic case with a range of TECNI® designed, hardened dies. The C-shape crimping head rotates through 180 degrees to allow you to crimp comfortably in awkward positions. A two speed action and is fitted with a safety value which automatically releases when the maximum pressure is reached.


Stainless Steel Chain and Connectors

Stainless Steel Chain and Connectors

TECNI has a range of high quality, A4-AISI 316, marine grade stainless steel chain, long and short links, quick or rapid links and missing connector links.

Ideal for marine, adventure, hiking, security, hanging, architectural, decorative and many more applications.


Lifting Equipment

TECNI supplies premium quality lifting products and solutions to all sectors of business. We stock high-quality lifting equipment from world-leading brand manufacturers as well as our own UK-manufactured TECNI® brand.

  • Tecni-Lift are main agents for Crosby, Yale, Tractel, Tirfor (Tractel), Kuplex,Pewag
  • Stockists for wide range of lifting equipment including shackles, eyebolts, chain blocks, chain slings, lever hoists, pull-lifts, nylon and polyester web slings, duplex webbing slings & round slings
  • Chain slings and assemblies are manufactured in-house using advance machinery
  • Large stocks of products and spares held
  • Friendly, knowledgeable and experienced staff always on hand to offer expert advice
  • Overseas orders welcome and competitive rates on worldwide shipping

Lifting Hoists

We supply a huge range of leading-brand lifting hoists, both manual and electric, chain blocks and pulling equipment for both heavy and lighter loads.

The range of Yale electric light and medium-duty chain hoists, lever hoists, pull-lifts, chain blocks and pulling equipment are all of the highest quality and available to buy online. Kito mini hoists, chain blocks are all available for small loads.

TECNI Lift supplies Tractel Tirfor wire rope winches and ropes to complement the range of lifting hoists.

Webbing Slings

Our TECNI® range of premium quality, UK manufactured webbing slings and round slings are suitable for loads of one to 50 tonnes. One to five tonnes are available to buy online. All TECNI® webbing slings are less likely to scratch or damage the load and have excellent elongation properties.

There are three ranges:

  • TECNI Round Slings - UK manufactured and 100 percent polyester lightweight slings
  • TECNI Heavy Duty - UK manufactured and 100 percent Duplex Polyester Web Slings - for general purpose lifting
  • TECNI Techlon Round Slings - UK manufactured heavy duty lifting slings
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