Tecvac Ltd

Tecvac Limited, specialises in high performance thin film hard coatings, including titanium nitride (TiN), diamond like carbons (DLC) , chromium nitride (CrN) and a range of custom designed Nitron multi-layer coatings which meet the most demanding applications in advanced engineering, oil and gas exploration, aerospace, and medical devices.

A variety of techniques are employed including physical vapour deposition (PVD), chemical vapour deposition (CVD), ion implantation and plasma processing. Tecvac provides heat treatment, vacuum brazing and a range of other metallurgical services employing heat treatment & coatings specialists to avoid inter-process problems. Free advice is always available and is best used at the design stage.

Tecvac recently introduced InnerArmor technology to apply DLC to internal surfaces of aerospace parts, oil & gas system components, and specialised medical devices.
Tecvac designs, builds and services a range of coating, ion implantation and vacuum equipment installed in over 20 countries. Tecvac has Rolls-Royce approval for erosion resistant coatings.

Tecvac’s R&D programme includes in-house projects and external, collaborative projects supported by UK and European government funding. Tecvac works with many industrial sectors, universities, government and private research establishments in the UK, Europe and worldwide. Tecvac R&D teams are working with Corin, Airbus, Schlumberger and others to develop new coatings for high erosion environments and high temperature/ dry cutting for difficult materials such as aerospace alloys.

Tecvac operates 24 hours a day with a reliable collection & delivery service which, with other group sites at Bury and Birmingham, covers most areas of the UK.

May 2008

Tecvac Ltd Overview