Teddington Appliance Controls Ltd

Teddington Appliance Controls have been supplying industry with the highest quality engineering services and products since 1928. Today, we specialise in providing controls to appliance OEMs.

Teddington Appliance Controls combines the best traditions of thermo-mechanical techniques with a state-of-the-art electronics and manufacturing. We use traditional engineering techniques to produce a broad range of products, which supply the oil heating, refrigeration, engine protection, solid fuel and gas appliance industries with well known products such as the KBB fire valve, the QW damper thermostat and the Varcross power flue system.

An experienced Teddington design and development team is also available to work with your engineers to develop special control products and systems for individual applications.

Our controls are used and trusted around the world in a diverse range of applications from gas fires to off-road vehicles, from wood burning stoves to ships.

Teddington Appliance Controls Ltd, products from design to despatch.

The Teddington Group can also provide a full electronics sub-contract, design and manufacturing service. Teddington Electronics use the best up to date state-of-the-art production methods to produce a wide variety of control and diagnostic systems.

Teddington Appliance Controls Ltd Overview