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Tekdata Interconnections Limited is a leading UK based Cable assembly and interconnect harness specialist boasting some of the world's largest companies as customers and partners.

The company has become a major supplier of interconnection cable harness systems through the development of innovative proprietary techniques, products and services and can provide;

  • High specification competitively priced cable harness systems
  • Design and supply of highly reliable solutions for all your cable harness needs.

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With its Cryoconnect products, Tekdata is one of the exclusive set of companies able to meet ESA and NASA's demanding specifications for space-borne interconnection systems. 

Interconnective Technology for Interconnect Harnesses

Using over 40 years experience, Tekdata Interconnections can provide unique solutions for interconnects and electrical assemblies.  Through the development of innovative and proprietary techniques, products and services, we have been able to help some of the world's largest companies to overcome difficult problems such as weight, temperature extremes, limited space, etc., and can boast customers and business partners in the avionics, defence, autosport and space market sectors .

Tekdata also offers a Through Life Management service to ensure that all our solutions can be sustained throughout the entire life cycle from cradle to grave.

Cable Assembly solutions can also be provided for Industrial and Medical applications as well as obsolescence problems.

Interconnective Technology for Interconnect Harnesses

Interconnect Standard Technologies

We have a number of competitive "standard" interconnection processes including the use of catalogue items.  Products can be supplied to meet ML, BS and DEF specification, as well as provision of suitable strain relief through the use of backshells, heat shrink sleeves and boots.

Our range includes;

  • cable harness assemblies
  • high temperature assemblies
  • cable design and specification
  • filtered cable assemblies and connectors
  • cabinet assembly work
  • CAS rated "black box" assembly work
  • LS and LSOH connector moulding

Interconnect Specialised Technologies

In addition to our competitive "standard" interconnection processes, Tekdata offers a range of specialised technologies and solutions for numerous applications.  We design bespoke wires and cable which make efficient use of space and reduce weight, whilst also providing effective performance.

Examples of our specialist interconnect technologies include;

  • cables (special) - woven flat
  • cables (special) - woven computaweave
  • cables (special) - woven IDC (insulation displacement cable)
  • cables (special) - transmission line
  • cables (special) - extreme cabling
  • microconnect
  • special backshells
  • grommets
  • special connectors
  • header principle
  • feedthroughs
  • environmental sealing, securing and rigidisation
  • fibre optic design and manufacture

Interconnect Solutions for Avionics

Tekdata is able to provide innovative cable assemblies for many applications within the avionics market sector including Engine Actuation, high temperature wiring systems, ground station test equipment, HUD wire management to name but a few.

Tekdata Interconnections also have AS9100 (c) accreditation.

Interconnect Solutions for Avionics

Interconnect Solutions for Autosport

Tekdata wiring looms offer the widest range of technologies from the industry standard "Raychem" System 25, to a 44AWG "Computaweave" assembly which can be tailored to optimise fit and weight in the chosen application.

Our engineers are experienced designers across a breadth of markets and can overcome both environmental and other issues such as weight, size, reliability and temperature within the aerospace, defence, space and autosport sectors.  See our case studies for further information.

Our service also extends to providing technical advice and prototyping on your site as part of your team, or purely from a build to print perspective. Our manufacturing staff are also trained and operate to standards in excess of IPC-WHMA-620 Class 3 which ensures that our assemblies are built to a consistently high standard and are 100% visually inspected and tested using CIRRUS equipment.

Interconnect Solutions for Autosport

Cryoconnect Interconnection Technology

Cryoconnect is a specialist division of Tekdata Interconnections and deals solely with cabling and interconnection solutions in cryogenic systems.  Market sectors include space systems, ground systems, science and instrumentation.

We provide NASA and ESA approved wire and cable solutions for lightweight cable assemblies operating in the super conductor range of temperatures, i.e. the very low Kelvin range.  Minute 44awg wires can be woven to provide a tough, stable and robust cable.

Cryoconnect is able to offer a high level of consultancy and design assistance in this specialist field to translate ideas and needs into the best technological solution available.  Visit the Cryoconnect website for further information.

Cryoconnect Interconnection Technology

Interconnect Solutions for Defence

Tekdata provides a range of cable assemblies and SMART systems to the defence sector ranging from weaponry and covert assemblies to rugged and discreet applications for military vehicles.  We also specialise in underwater systems and submersible "box" assemblies. 

In-house moulding facilities ensure that optimum custom design is available for moulded cables, including low profile mouldings and tough RFI Mouldings.

Interconnect Solutions for Defence
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