Telecom Spares

Telecom Spares is a reseller of telecom equipment and we aim to stock and support most of the major telecom manufacturers with both up to date and legacy equipment.

This enables us to supply our customers with a broad range of equipment for both maintainers, other resellers and end users.

New Avaya IP office, Cisco series handsets are just a few of the more recent telecom products we stock with legacy, BT, Mitel and Nortel also stocked.

We stock new and refurbished equipment and provide a 6 month warranty on our refurbished equipment

Manufacturers Supported

We are stockists for many well known telecom manufacturers such as

and we also stock; Alcatel, Ascom, BT, Detewe, Ericsson, Interquartz, LG, NEC, Phillips, Polycom, Samsung, Siemens, and Telrad.

Manufacturers Supported

Our Refurbished Stock

All of our refurbished equipment is fully soak tested and refurbished by a local Telecoms repairs centre. ISO9001 approved repair procedures and high quality trained engineers ensure we send our customers equipment we are 100% confident in.

Handsets all receive new line cords, handsets cords and inserts/overlays where applicable and are shrink wrapped and re-boxed with a professional finish.

System cards and systems are soak tested and then re-boxed.

We have a range of cable to go with systems, new and used so contact us if you ever need some.

Our Refurbished Stock

Business Telephone Systems

We can supply complete business telephone systems. If you let us know your requirements and if you have a preferred manufacturer, (Avaya, Mitel, Cisco etc)  then we can provide you with a complete telephone system.

We do have a number of local engineers that we use to install our kit and we can also offer installation as well if required.

Business Telephone Systems

Telecom Spares Overview