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Our total of over 75 years experience within the pressed PVC industry, combined with our modern and efficient production facility situated in Harwich, ensures that all enquiries are met with a ‘can do’ attitude.

From regular stock items to the most technically demanding polymer engineering, our aim is to deliver the most cost effective solution to your business. Using our highly focused team to guide you through all aspects of any development, on time, on budget and to your specification.

If you have any precise product requirements please contact us and we will be happy to discuss them with you.

  • Proven product quality
  • Friendly, quick response to all enquiries
  • Excellent customer service
  • Short lead times
  • Next day service used for all deliveries
  • Complete traceability on all products.

As a fully certificated ‘ISO 9001‘ company, we are committed to providing a high quality product and service to all of our customers. Our materials are fully traceable from point of origin to end user, allowing customers unqualified confidence in using our materials. We are able to offer full traceability throughout our production process and that of our suppliers. This service is a fundamental and much valued requirement for many of our customers who operate within certain industries, particularly Defence, PPE and Automotive, where traceability is crucial. Customers are welcome to audit our facility and control systems as and when required.

The Process

Plate pressed PVC sheet is produced by fusing together layers of a calendered intermediate film that has been specifically formulated to impart the desired performance characteristics for the finished product.
A PVC calender is rather like an industrial scale mangle that converts PVC resin, additives and pigments into thin gauge sheet using heated rollers. To produce a pressed sheet of the correct gauge, multiple layers of the intermediate film are laid by hand between metal surfacing plates. The finished sandwich of PVC is then inserted between the platens of the press and heated under pressure to the melting point of the plastic. At this temperature fusion of the layers takes place. The application of a second pressure allows the material to take the surface of the plate before a cooling cycle fixes the PVC in its new form. After cooling the sheets are stripped from the press, interleaved with protective paper before being trimmed to size prior to packing and dispatch. The finished product is a dimensionally stable sheet with a high quality surface finish free of the surface flaws associated with less sophisticated processes.

The Process

Bespoke Products & Services

The flexibility of the pressing process will allow us to develop any specialist customer requirements.

The majority of our experience is in plate pressing of various grades of PVC but we are willing to consider any materials that lend themselves to pressing either alone or for encapsulation between PVC layers.

We have extensive experience of technically demanding bespoke applications for various customers. Including finished products that combine both flexible and rigid substrates.

If you have any precise product requirements, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss them.

Telegan can offer sheets in sizes up to 1250mm x 2500mm at gauges ranging from 0.25mm to 20.00mm depending on grade. Plate surfaces available include polished, satin and matt in addition to an almost limitless choice of paper embosses. A standard range of coloured foils are held in stock ready to be pressed. Bespoke colours can be matched subject to a minimum quantity

  • Sheets can be guillotine cut to any size
  • Colour matching service available
  • Product matching service available
  • Bespoke service for pressing Customer’s own material

Using the extensive technical knowledge within the company, we will also approach specialist and technical customer requirements with an open mind, liaising closely with our intermediate producers on technical and commercial considerations.

Telegan has access within the group, to a variety of digital printer including 3D printers allowing high quality, high definition colour prints to be produced. This facility allows us to offer encapsulated print products with highly specific designs, in small quantities, at reasonable cost, giving the customer exactly what they want without tying them to prohibitive minimum order quantities. Additionally the group can provide profile cutting of intricate shape.

If you have any precise product requirements, please contact us
and we will be happy to discuss them.

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