TELGUARD is a fresh and unique concept for access communications and door entry systems. Using the existing telephone network it enables you to remain in control of your property from anywhere in the world.

Installation is simple and quick. Unlike most hard-wired audio systems, TELGUARD requires minimal conduit runs and ducting, and next to no redecoration of the property.

It is equally easy to maintain. The primary factor in the installation of TELGUARD is your telephone, which is already in the right position.

The latest products include Telguard’s Cordless Phone Entry Systems. With an in house research and development team you can be assured that we can provide excellent product support and the latest technology.

We supply access control as part of an integral system for any sized business, enabling local access to Business Parks, Schools, Hospitals, Universities and Public sector premises.

Telguard’s Telephone Based Door Entry System allows businesses to communicate using existing networks, which provides the most cost effective and flexible means of entrance communication. We are the Uk’s  leading suppliers of Door Gate Entry, Barrier Entry, Turnstile Entry,  Rising Bollard Entry to name a few.

Coupled with our experience and comprehensive knowledge our Entry Systems can be adapted to meet the needs to service Apartment Blocks, Housing Association, Local Authorities, and with the ability to utilise existing phone networks distance and destination is of no consequence.

TelGuard utilises the existing telephone network and telecommunications apparatus with their Intercom Systems. This extends to DECT (Digitally Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) and mobile telephones.


Door Entry Systems

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  • Bespoke Interface - Single user interface
  • Bespoke - As many buttons as you like
  • One 2 One - Cordless Phone DECT Systems
  • T Bespoke - Single Entry System with back lit keypad
  • Junior - Backlit multi user
  • Scroll - Select the name and press call
  • Millennium - Select name and press call
  • Senior - Multi user vandal resistant
  • DDA - Compliance without upheaval
  • Mini-Tel - The modern doorbell
  • Tel-Pad - Remotely programmed for a discreet exit
  • Billet - Junior & T-bespoke aluminium billets
  • Hubs & Satellites - Multiple entry / exit using land line or SIM
  • Help & Assistance - Compliance without upheaval
  • DDA Bespoke - Compliance without upheaval


Telguard Overview