Temperature Applied Sciences Ltd

The company was established in 1968 as Refrigeration Services Sussex changing some years later to Temperature Applied Sciences Ltd, reflecting the company's forward thinking nature and willingness to embrace new technologies.

Our product range includes:

Series 3 Environmental Chambers: -75 to +180°C, 10 to 98 %rh
ECO chambers: -40 to 100°C, 10 to 98 %rh, cost-effective chambers
Thermal Shock: +220 to -100°C, extreme temperature changes
Walk in Test Rooms: Automotive testing
Software: Programming & Data logging
Bespoke Solutions: Chambers and test rooms designed to meet your requirements
In House Testing: large test rooms, and smaller chambers, for testing components of any size

Innovation is always a priority  we are constantly developing and testing our products to improve performance, reliability and ease of use.
  1. Benchtop Test Chamber

    Benchtop Test Chamber
    Sizes range from 11 through to 45 litres - designed for testing discrete components and small sub assemblies over a wide range of Thermal and Climatic Conditions
  2. Bespoke Test Chamber

    Bespoke Test Chamber
    If you can't find what you need in our standard ranges - don't worry. We produce nearly as many 'special' solutions as standard machines. You could say 'specials are one of our specialities!'
  3. ECO Plant Growth Chamber

    ECO Plant Growth Chamber
    In order to provide complete Environmental Simulation, all of our chambers can be fitted with varying arrays of Lights to mimic the Sun's radiation, as experienced here on Earth.
  4. ECO Thermal Test Chamber

    ECO Thermal Test Chamber
    The ECO range offers fantastic value for money, providing the Series 3 high standard of temperature and humidity simulation in a very cost effective package
  5. Environmental Stress Testing

    Environmental Stress Testing
    Extreme hot and cold test chambers - a light weight basket automatically transfers the test samples between hot and cold test chambers
  6. Environmental Test Chambers

    Environmental Test Chambers

    Environmental Test Chamber offered by Temperature Applied Sciences Ltd please contact us for more information.

  7. Environmental Test Room

    Environmental Test Room
    For large objects choose the ETR range of expandable Environmental Test Rooms. Available in a range of construction methods to suit the temperature and climatic ranges required, with optional stainless steel interiors.
  8. Hire Test Chamber

    Hire Test Chamber
    For more more urgent test needs or for short term use we have a number of chambers available to hire (minimum 4 week hire period).
  9. Series 3 Climatic Test Chamber

    Series 3 Climatic Test Chamber
    Environmental Test Chamber - Temperaure & Humidity
  10. Test Chamber

    Test Chamber
    Sizes range from 11 litres through to 1728 litres - all our chambers are available as Thermal only or with full Climatic Simulation