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TenCell are distributors of electronic components and offer an extensive portfolio of semiconductors, passives, electromechanical, interconnect and graphic displays from leading global manufacturers. Our clients comprise military, industrial and commercial users of electronic components who are used to flexibility, speed and professionalism from their suppliers. TenCell have offices in key strategic areas allowing us to offer significant cost reductions for our customers.

  • Select from the world's leading manufacturers
  • Over 450,000 products listed on www.tencell.com
  • Over 40,000 products stocked
  • Excellent prices
  • Unrivalled sourcing capabilities

TenCell are ISO9001:2008 accredited.


TenCell offer an extensive portfolio of semiconductors from leading manufacturers including Analog Devices, Altera, Microchip, Samsung, Cynergy3, Micron and many more.  Full semiconductor range from TenCell – amplifiers & comparators, microcontrollers, A/D converters, D/A converters, audio/video products, broadband products, clock & timing, embedded processing & DSP, fibre optic, and MEMS.  Discrete devices including transistors, diodes and MOSFETs and everything else from the world's most prominent semiconductor manufacturers.


TenCell offer an enormous range of connectors, relays, switches, sensors, tooling products and more for automotive, data communication systems, consumer electronics, telecommunications, aerospace, defence and marine, medical, energy and lighting.  Manufacturers represented by TenCell in particular are Tyco, Molex, Beau, Concord, Cinch, Amphenol, Kings Electronics, Qualtek, and many more besides.  


TenCell supply a vast range of electromechanical components from global suppliers such as Panasonic, Omron, Crydom, C&K, Crouzet, Grayhill, Dialight, Cherry, Electroswitch, GC Electronics, Teledyne, SRC Services, JKL and many more.   Please contact TenCell for relays, crystals, oscillators, switches, transformers, and toroidal power products.

Passive Components

Contact TenCell for all your passive component requirements including Capacitors EMC/RFI Suppression, Frequency Control, Inductors, Chokes & Coils, Potentiometers, Trimmers & Rheostats, Resistors, Thermistors, Transducers & Signal Devices.  

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