Tendering for Contracts Training Ltd

How to bid for, win and manage Public Sector Contracts.

Programme Objectives -

To overcome the perennial ‘chicken and egg’ dilemma in public sector supplier capability by providing effective accredited training and support that enables learners to tender for, win and manage public sector contract projects successfully.

Our programme offers each learner the following:
  • 290 page workbook
  • FREE mentoring support via email, VOIP and private intranet
  • Internal assessment by an assigned mentor / internal verifier
  • External assessment is conducted by ASET
  • Certificate or Diploma on successful completion
Learning Time of Workbook + Online Material approximately 45 hours

Our programme overcomes barriers to SME entry into the public sector market, it ensures that firms receive accredited mentored training and support to become suppliers to public sector agencies. It will enable them to tender for, win and manage contract project profitably.

Additional support through our network of mentors and verifiers

Tendering for Contracts Training Ltd Overview