Tennco Distribution Ltd

At Tennco Distribution Limited, we are a progressive electromechanical component distributor. We are family owned and operate in niche markets concentrating on electronic and electrical components for the computing, networking, instrumentation, panel building, audio and circuit board assembly industries.

Backed by 30 years experience, at Tennco, we are committed to service and efficient components distribution coupled with ISO 9002 approval. We offer products at competitive prices with a fast friendly and efficient service.


We supply a wide variety of switches. They are simple to mount and use and are UL approved. Other features of our switches include:

  • Reliable reedswitch contacts
  • User configurable normally open or normally closed operation
  • All come individually bagged with one metre leads
  • Manufactured by Crydom in the UK
  • Switch D6 Pushbutton, 5mm PCB Pitch, 100mA 35VDC

Telephone Outlets

We distribute telephone outlets. We stock telephone wall sockets with a flush mounting, and they fit most standard single gang back boxes. Additionally, we also stock telephone extension leads. These leads are supplied in white cable with a inline socket to plug. They are shipped fully assembled.

Please visit our online store for more details on our available telephone outlets.

Telephone Outlets


We have an extensive selection of cables available. Our general purpose signal cable comes complete with seven strands of 0.2mm tinned copper annealed wire insulated in PVC. The insulation in PVC coloured white with a maximum voltage of 50V, and a maximum current flow of 1A.

We also supply a multicore cable. With seven strands of 0.2mm tinned copper, its wires are annealed in insulated in PVC. The sheath in PVC is coloured black with a maximum voltage of  440V, a maximum current of 1A per core. We also have screened variants available.


Computer Cables

We have a selection of computer cables including monitor leads that are SVGA, fully moulded with high density 15-way Dees. Additionally, we stock parallel printer leads that feature:

  • Fully Moulded, 25 Way Dee Plug to 36 Way Centronics Plug using High Quality Screened Cable
  • Suitable for Bi-directional Printers
Computer Cables

Networking Accessories

We stock network starter kits that are perfect for 'first time' network installation. Our network accessories include hubs, network cards and patch leads featuring: 

  • Complies with IEEE803.2 Ethernet Standard
  • Easy install with 'plug and play' connectivity
  • Drivers for Win95/98, Windows NT, Windows for Workgroups
  • Drivers for NDIS, Packet Driver and Linux
Networking Accessories

Mains Equipment

Our mains equipment includes:

  • 13 Amp Mains Plug -  3 Pin, BSI Approved Complies to BS1363/A, Kite Marked
  • Mains Adaptors - Coloured White Manufactured to BS1363/3
  • Extension Distribution Sockets - White, BASEC Approved Cable, All with 13 Amp Plugs
  • Surge Protectors - Manufactured to BS 1363A White, BASEC Approved Cable, All with 13 Amp Plugs
Mains Equipment

Fuses and Fuseholders

Please visit our website for our stock of fuses and fuseholders. We carry standard ceramic and glass fuses, as well as automotive car fuses such as the Littlefuse 257 Series, Blade Fuse, Industrial Size of 19.1mm/0.75 Inch.

Fuses and Fuseholders

Cable Fixings and Accessories

Our offerings of cable fixings and accessories include:

  • Cable Ties - All in Bags of 100 pcs Nylon 6/6 to UL 94V2
  • Stainless Steel Rollar Ball Type 316 Grade (Sold Loose)
  • Cable Clips, Impact Resistant Polypropylene, With Masonry Nails Suitable for Wood or Brick
Cable Fixings and Accessories


We stock modular adaptors UTP that are supplied unconfigured, and each unit has a RJ45 outlet and a crimp Dee type. Additionally, we supply modular connectors that are suitable for data or telephone and are UL and CSA approved. These modular connectors are FCL Part 68 and are for use with Category 5/5e Cable.

For connectors, we also stock

  • Boxed Variants
  • Crimp Tools
  • Dee Accessories

Crimp Terminals

Our selection of crimp terminals includes the insulated Davico terminals. They are:

  • Durable Low Cost Copper or Brass Connectors
  • Manufactured as Single Piece Connectors
  • Electro Tinned to Protect from Corrosion
  • Insulated with Flared entry, Colour coded Vinyl Sleeves
  • All Disconnect Terminals supplied with Anti-Vibration copper sleeve
  • Coloured RED for Wire Size 0.25mm2 - 1.65mm2 (22 - 16 AWG)
  • Coloured BLUE for Wire Size 1.04mm2 - 2.63mm2 (16 -14 AWG)
  • Coloured YELLOW for Wire Size 2.63mm2 - 6.64mm2 (12 -10 AWG
Crimp Terminals

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