At Tenura, we specialise in the manufacturing and distribution of silicone daily living aids available in many formats. Daily living aids are specially designed grip products, materials and mats that provide enhanced grip on smooth and slippery surfaces like jar lids, handles or tables.

Rubber Jar and Bottle Openers

We have designed an excellent range of rubber jar and bottle openers with optimum grip efficiency.

Coming in several standard sizes and in many colours, our rubber jar and bottle openers are comfortable to use, washable and non-toxic.

Extreme Grip Mats

When you need reinforced grip in areas prone to movement, our extreme grip mats provide the excellent adhesive quality needed to hold fast to a surface without leaving residue. A non toxic, washable product, our extreme grip mats are ideal for motorised scooters, wheelchairs and boat interiors.

Anti Slip Rubber Table Mats

Ideal for a multiple of applications, our anti slip rubber table mats utilise the adhering properties of silicone for ideal maximum grip. Our anti-slip rubber table mats can be used for the prevention of crockery, chopping boards and plates slipping on smooth surfaces and come in several bright colours.

Non Slip Fabric

Our non-slip fabric is popular for use under mats and rugs to prevent movement. Because of its waterproof properties, it can also be used in areas with high water exposure such as on boat decks. With three colours available, our non-slip fabric is a perfect solution to prevent numerous things sliding to ultimately create a safer environment.

Tenura Anti Slip Bath and Shower Stickers

Our anti slip bath and shower stickers have exceptional slip prevention properties and are designed perfectly for barefoot environments with non abrasive qualities. We can provide anti slip bath and shower stickers in various formats including discs and strips.

Non Slip Kitchen Accessories

Our non slip kitchen accessories bring efficiency to the kitchen and comfort all around the home. Designed for many uses, the non slip kitchen accessories products we can supply fill many needs, from food preparation to comfort at meal times.

Non Slip Silicone Rubber Floor Mats

For permanent or temporary use, we have designed excellent non slip silicone rubber floor mats. With their non toxic properties, our non slip silicone rubber floor mats are safe to use in areas with high hygiene standards and provide support for many uses.

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