TEROTEST is an independent supplier of Automatic Test Equipment, founded in 1982. We manufacture and supply systems and equipment for various requirements, including PCB test and IC test applications. We focus on providing integrated 'Test Solutions' using proven, cost effective ATE. We can supply flexible solutions to your test requirements, using fully integrated test systems including all test programs, fixtures and support packages. Terotest offers a variety of In-Circuit and Functional testers as well as PXI integration and custom test solutions.

Terotest specialise in the following areas:

  • Custom Test Solutions - simple, cost effective systems based on user requirements
  • Digital and Analogue Functional / In-Circuit Test Systems
  • PXI based test equipment and PXI Integration
  • Boundary Scan Test Solutions
  • Flying Probe Test Systems
  • "Legacy Replacement" Systems - for migrating test applications from obsolete to modern ATE
  • Much More


Custom Test Solutions

Terotest’s ability as a manufacturer of ATE has been proven since the company was founded in 1982. As well as our own resources and expertise, we are now also the UK representatives of some of the most respected ATE manufacturers worldwide. This allows us to bring together a vast array of test options when considering the best solution for any given test requirement, whether it be for circuit board testing or for high voltage test on cable harnesses, or any number of any other applications. Whatever your situation, Terotest can suggest or supply a way forward.

Functional Test Systems

Terotest’s range includes the hugely flexible, low cost ‘iTest’ platform, which is suitable for functional tests on PCBs, semiconductor devices, and complete assemblies. It can accommodate up to 20 test modules, including both 3U and 6U PXI, and features 16U of 19 inch rack space for additional instrumentation. The large array of modules available make the iTest platform suitable for a large range of both digital test and analogue test applications, and a number of interface / fixturing options are available to ensure the system is ideally suited to your test needs.

In-Circuit Test

Terotest are the sole UK distributors for Acculogic, who produce the 'Scorpion' range of In-Circuit Test Systems, which includes the iCT7000, a cost effective In-Circuit Test System, and ILS1000, a system designed for high volume production. As well as the Scorpion In-Circuit Testers, Terotest’s ‘iTest’ system is suitable for In-Circuit PCB test, and can easily customised as per the users requirements.


Terotest are UK Distributors for Geotest, a global producer of PXI instruments. Terotest offer customers the full range available from Geotest, as well as our own test systems, which are designed to accommodate Geotest’s 3U and 6U PXI instrumentation. The Geotest range includes high speed digital I/O cards with Programmable Logic Level pin electronics, Avionics Communication Protocol cards and much, much more.

Boundary Scan (JTAG)

Terotest are the sole UK distributors for Acculogic, providers of the best-in-class Boundary Scan tools for automated test and on board programming application. Terotest can provide customers with Acculogic's comprehensive line of PC-based hardware and software tools, based on Teradyne's VICTORY range. Products include the ScanMaster PCI and PXI Boundary Scan Test controller modules, as well as ScanNavigator, a fully integrated boundary scan test environment powered by VICTORY.

Flying Probe Testers

Terotest are the sole UK distributors for Acculogic, market leader in Flying Probe test technology. Their systems include full function double sided fixtureless testing, with up to 24 interchangeable probe modules. The Acculogic Flying Scorpion range represents the leading edge in Flying Probe test, with digital, analogue, mixed signal and boundary scan test capabilities.

Cable and Backplane Testers

Terotest's range includes LINX - a fixtureless test system for cable harness and backplane test applications. The LINX system is comprised of simple Plug 'n' Play test modules, which are fast and simple to set up, and can test up to 65,000 test points. LINX can be used for testing high density backplanes, and Terotest can supply adaptors for all connector types. Terotest are also the UK distributors for Adaptronic Gmbh, and can supply customers with their full range of systems for high voltage testing on cable harnesses.

Avionics Test Equipment

Terotest offer PXI interface cards for both MIL-STD-1553 and ARINC 429 data bus Avionics Protocols. These cards are produced by Geotest, a global PXI manufacturer for whom Terotest are UK agents. We also offer a variety of systems into which these modules can be integrated, allowing us to provide a complete test solution for you military / commercial avionics test needs.

Used ATE

Terotest stock a selection of new and used test systems, including the Wayne Kerr 3900 series of Combinational Testers, and Marconi Midata 510, 511, 530 and 535 systems. Terotest also stock a large range of modules for these systems, available for outright purchase or on an exchange / repair basis. All pre-owned equipment supplied by Terotest is fully tested and refurbished, and comes with three months warranty.

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