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Here at Terracast, we supply engineering and manufacturing services to our customers in the UK and around the world. We specialise in unique engineering services and manufacturing for customers who require low cost production and the benefit of our extensive knowledge and experience.

We manufacture a wide assortment of OEM components, fabrications and assemblies to suit individual specifications.

Component Production

We specialise in plastic and metal component production. We use the latest manufacturing technology to provide bespoke component production to meet individual designs and specifications. Our abilities include producing the smallest polypropylene parts as well as 25 tonne steel forgings.

Component Fabrications

We provide component fabrications for steel parts to create complete mechanisms to most ISO, BS and NIST standards. Our component fabrications include fuel tanks, litter bins and garbage dumpsters.

Component Assemblies

At Terracast, we complete component assemblies using permanent or semi-permanent fittings and fixings. We provide component assemblies for architectural ornaments, spring load lids and many other precision engineered assemblies. We work with market leading manufacturers to produce complete brass, steel, zinc alloy and thermoplastic assemblies.

Component Prototyping

We offer component prototyping to enable you to check your product for design, fit, finish and function before manufacture. We provide fast component prototyping in most materials as well as SLA, SLS, FDM and 3D printing.

Custom Tooling

We produce custom tooling design and manufacture to enable you to successfully reproduce a given design. By creating custom tooling you will have high quality tooling to use for reliable production.

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