Terwin Instruments Ltd.

Formed in 1974, Terwin Instruments is one of Europe¿s most prominent manufacturers of extrusion pressure/temperature instrumentation for the plastics, rubber and food processing industries.

Terwin¿s patented 2000 series extrusion pressure/temperature transducers/transmitters are environmentally friendly, not utilising any liquid fillers/toxic products, thus allowing them to be used in food, film or pharmaceutical product extrusion. Additionally, advanced specifications allow their use in extrusion applications where high process pressure/ temperature is of concern to the user.

A wide range of associated indicators, controllers, signal conditioners and sensors are also produced at Terwin¿s UK manufacturing headquarters.

In March 2001, Terwin Instruments Inc. was formed in Charlotte, North Carolina, to service our many customers in the USA, Canada and South America.

Terwin Instruments Ltd. Overview