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Teseo U.K.

Modular Aluminium Fluid Power Distribution Systems

Teseo U.K.
supply modular aluminium pipes and fittings for assembling distribution pipeworks for compressed air, vacuum, nitrogen, oils, inert gases and other fluids with pressures up to 15 bar.

Our pipework ranges, the AP and HBS Systems range from sizes 14mm to 110mm, easily assembled and modified, are fully compatible with all existing pipework systems, no glueing welding or threading.

  • High Flow Rates = energy efficiency
  • Corrosion Free = protects down stream equipment
  • Light weight, Quick to Install = lower installation costs
  • "Leak Free" System = energy savings We also sell modular manifolds for machines and pneumatic control panels. Work benches, trolleys and pivoting arms.

Free sizing and design of compressed air networks, CAD drawings, technical training & supervision during installation and testing. Teseo products are fully certified.

Call our sales team today to discuss your requirements, or request a Free catalogue. Tel: 08701 672150

Teseo now offer a range of air tool suspension systems which enable tools to be used (and shared) over a wide area without the need for supply hoses trailing over the floor and equipment.  The ATS range (Air Track Supply) comprises of extruded aluminium profile with a trolley that moves along the track (sizes from 3 to 18 metres plus special applications).  The trolley has an integral air supply and can also be supplied with a single phase power supply.  The ATS trolley runs along the track with minimal effort, supporting tools right to the point of use, so no trailing hoses & improved operator safety & comfort,  and reduced fatigue.

Complimentary to the ATS system Teseo produce a range of assembly workbenches which have integral air supplies and ATS track.  Their range of Swinging Arm Brackets (SAB) allows air tools to be utilised over a 20m³ semi-circular area.

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