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Our range of plastics thermocouple sensors include

Leaf (shim / spade)

threaded nozzle (with / without bell spring)


melt (fixed and twist)

brass band

brass block (HAS)

bayonet cap and spring 11.5mm ID to 17mm  slot and 2 pin italian style

Hose (Pipe)

Barrel style

Accessories also available include mating adaptors, connectors, extension cables

Surface Sensors

Surface Sensors are normally thermocouples for fast response but can in some constructions be manufactured as PT100's

Styles include

Shim, leaf or spade style (with support tube for extra strength, PT100 mounting or insulated junctions)

Bolt on sensors with mounting holes

Band / hose clip sensors for heater and pipe mounting

nozzle sensors for mounting into small threaded holes

Silicone patch for surface mounting

Surface Sensors

Head Mounted Sensors

Industrial Head Mount Sensors are generally fabricated or mineral insulated thermocouples or PT100s

Tubular straight or right angled with IP rated terminal heads

They can be supplied with a fixed or free turning process thread or lagging sheath

Additional accessories include compression fittings and flanges


Head Mounted Sensors

Mineral Insulated and Hand Held

Mineral Insulated sensors are generally for higher temperature applications

Ranges are normally

Type J Maximum 600C

Type K Maximum 1100C

Type N Maximum 1200C

Type T Maximum 400C

Hand Held sensors come in various styles with a handle and extension lead normally terminated with a mini plug



Mineral Insulated and Hand Held

Temperature Controllers

Available in 2 styles

Analogue dial (easy to operate)

J,K or PT100 input

5 amp relay output

BTC 901 & BTC 404

Digital display Shinko

Multi input

SSR drive or 3 amp relay output

PID Heat cool and comms

Temperature Controllers

Industrial Sensors

Temperature sensors for industrial applications.

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Industrial Sensors

Plastic Sensors

Temperature sensors for plastics and rubber processing machinery.

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Plastic Sensors

JC Series Temperature Controllers

Shinko temperature controllers.

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JC Series Temperature Controllers

Panel Indicators

Shinko panel indicators.

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Panel Indicators

BTC Controllers

A range of low cost Analogue Temperature Controllers.

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BTC Controllers

Analogue Controllers / Chart Recorders

1/4 DIN DIC-P Analogue Controller and 6-channel multipen recorder with paper output and digital display.

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AC Series Temperature Controllers

NEW - Shinko Temperature Controllers incorporating built in comms for direct connection to a PC via USB with additional cable.

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AC Series Temperature Controllers

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