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Since 1995 Testime Technology Ltd has provided key RF and Microwave components to markets as diverse as radar systems to satellite communications. From its beginning, the company has also been a supplier of high reliability semiconductors used in the most challenging of environmental settings. This component knowledge is also applied in the ability to provide obsolete or hard to find components especially for high reliability applications.

Our close relationships with suppliers means that we have often been able to offer tailored solutions that exactly match the customer’s requirements.

Our partners have extensive Engineering and testing capabilities for even the most challenging military, avionic and industrial applications. From lead re-termination to improve solderability through to advanced component failure analysis, Testime Technology can call on the the resources to meet your needs.



RF / Microwave Components

We supply a variety of coaxial RF and microwave components including isolators, circulators and switches.

As well as microwave components we supply:

  • Attenuators
  • Dividers
  • Splitters
  • Combiners
  • Couplers
  • Terminators
  • Dummy Loads
  • Frequency Meters
  • Filters
  • Tuners
RF / Microwave Components

High Reliability Semiconductors

We supply a broad range of discrete high reliability semiconductor components for the industrial, telecommunication, defence and aerospace markets. In particular Thyristors, Rectifiers, Transient Voltage Suppressors, MOSFETs, Transistors, Voltage Regulators and MOSFET Drivers.

Our high reliability products are made by Semitronics, a privately held manufacturer of military and commercial semiconductors, providing a full compliment of products and services from wafer fabrication to final test and assembly. Founded in 1957, Semitronics is MIL-PRF-19500 Certified and also provides custom packaging solutions and value added test services.

High Reliability Semiconductors

Thick Film Hybrids

Semitronics has an extensive hybrid manufacturing capability. They have both design and manufacture capabilities and the test regimes needed to deal with any environmental consideration.

The range of hybrids solutions include:

  • Thick Film Hybrids
  • CAD System Design
  • Extensive Engineering Design Services
  • Military, Industrial and Medical Applications
  • Power and Thermal Management Expertise
  • Multiple Layer Substrates
  • Chip and Microprocessor Re-Packaging
  • Assembly and Testing to MIL-STD-883
Thick Film Hybrids

Test and Measurement Equipment

Anritsu's test and measurement products include wireless, optical and microwave/RF and digital instruments. Anritsu products are used during R&D, manufacturing, installation and maintenance of communication systems. Their handheld test equipment products offer unrivalled performance for price when compared to competitive products. 

The Anritsu solutions offered through TTL in the UK include the full range of Optical, Microwave, RF and Mobile protocol Cable, Spectrum, and Network Analyzers for the R&D, manufacturing, installation & maintenance markets to meet all levels of communications test and measurement needs. 

Anritsu Devices and Component Test Product Families

  • BERT - Bit Error Rate Testing
  • Eye Pattern Analyzers
  • Vector Network Analyzer
  • Signal Generators
  • Optical Spectrum Analyzers
  • Peripheral Equipment 
Test and Measurement Equipment

Electronic Services

TTL provides a range of services for electronics engineering from component sourcing through to complete re-engineering of a device that is no longer available as a standard production item.

Our partners have extensive engineering and testing capabilities for even the most challenging military, avionic and industrial applications. From lead re-termination, to improve solderability, through to advanced component failure analysis. Capabilities available include the design or redesign of hybrid assemblies for space constrained or avionic applications.

Our Electronic Services

  • Component Sourcing
  • Component Testing 
  • Die Repackaging 
  • Hi-Rel Screening 
  • Robotic Hot Solder Dip 
  • BGA Reballing
  • Lead Preparation 
  • Tape and Reel
  • Kitting 
Electronic Services

Electronic Relays

We manufacture and distribute a wide selection of electronic relays to suit a variety of applications.

Our electronic relays include:

  • Mosfet Drivers
  • Opto-Coupling
  • Zero-crossing Triacs
  • Optically Isolated Relays
  • Bi-Directional Relays
  • Current and Thermal Shut-Off
  • Special and Custom Drawings
  • Aerospace and Military Applications
  • Hi-Reliability Screening
  • Desc Approved Relays
Electronic Relays

Quality Systems

Testime Technology are an ISO9001: 2015 certified company and work with SC21 approved companies. Our quality systems are regularly audited by our customers. In addition semiconductor components can be manufactured to MIL-PRF 19500 and tested to MIL-STD-883.

Our Service Quality & Qualification Standards:

  • J-STD-033 Dry bake and MSL packaging

  • GEIA-STD-0003 and JEP160 Long Term Storage packaging

  • GEIA-STD-0006 Finish Replacement Qualification

Quality Systems

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