Testometric Co. Ltd.

Testometric are on of the worlds leading specialists in the manufacture of materials and product strength testing machines. Their machines are used in all industries to perform tests in tension, compression, flexure, peel, tear puncture, shear, friction etc. to all international standards.

Machines are supplied with customers specific test methods pre-programmed where a single key operation will set up all test parameters and select relevant calculations, a full test report can be generated with only a printer connected and there is storage of 2.1Gb of test data which can easily be transferred to other software packages as required. Alternatively, machines can operate under full computer control via a comprehensive windows software package. Models are available with capacities from 1N to 300kN and a comprehensive range of grips, extensometers, environmental chambers, furnaces, specimen preparation equipment etc. is available.

For further information, see Testometric website i.e. www.testometric.com

Testometric Co. Ltd. Overview