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Thermal Glass Textiles 550°

  • Loomstate Glass Cloth, Weavelocked Glass Cloth, Silicone Coated Glass Cloth, Graphite Impregnated Glass Cloth
  • Vermiculite Coated Fiberglass Cloth
  • Glass Webbing, Glass Ladder Tape
  • Glass Rope Lagging
  • Glass Knitted Rope
  • Glass Yarn
  • Fibreglass Sleeving
  • Braided Glass Sleeving
  • Tadpole Tape
  • Welding Blankets
  • Neoprene Coated Glass Cloth
  • Heat Cleaned Fiberglass Textiles

Thermal Basalt Textiles 550+°C

Thermal Basalt Textiles 550+°C

Thermal Basalt Webbing

Thermal Basalt Yarn

Thermal Basalt Cloth

Thermal Basalt Sleeving

Thermal Basalt Textiles 550+°C

Thermal Silica Textiles 1050°C

Thermal Silica Textiles 1050°C

  • Silica Cloth
  • Vermiculite Coated Silica Cloth
  • Silica Rope
  • Silica Webbing Tape
  • Silica Ladder Tape
  • Silica Sleeving
Thermal Silica Textiles 1050°C

Thermal Ceramic Textiles 1260°C

Thermal Ceramic Textiles 1260°C

  • Ceramic Cloth
  • Ceramic Webbing
  • Ceramic Packing
  • Ceramic Rope Lagging
  • Tadpole Tape
  • Ceramic Cabled Rope
  • Ceramic Plaited Sleeving





Thermal Ceramic Textiles 1260°C

Electrical Insulation Textiles

Electrical Insulation Textiles
Using a diverse range of finishing techniques, our heat-stable sleevings and tapes provide the required safety at temperatures up to 600 °C. Our thermal insulations are used as protective sleevings for cables, pipes for fuel, hydraulic fluids and steam, or as gaskets for household boilers, gas appliances, fuel compartments, smelting furnaces and cookers..
Electrical Insulating Sleevings

Cheshire Ribbons range of sleeving comprises of both braided or knitted constructions produced from glass yarns or plastic monofilaments. Coatings can be applied to enhance properties by using synthetic resins or silicone elastomers.


  • Provision of primary or secondary electrical insulation of component wiring
  • Protection of cables and components from the impact of mechanical and thermal damage
  • Economic method of bunching and containing cables
  • Lead protection and joint insulation in electric motors
  • Intercoilconnection insulation on vehicle starter motor field coils
  • Lead insulation on many different types of carbon brushes
  • Protect and insulate different sizes and types of transformers
  • Protect wire harnesses from radiant heat
  • Domestic heating appliances
  • Light fittings 

Bore Size
CRMsleevings are available from 0.5mm - 25mm bore size and certain expandable sleevings are available up to 150mm bore.


CRMsleevings are supplied in reel form or can be cut to specified lengths

Working Temperature (Thermal Classification)
CRM sleevings are available for working temperatures from -70°C to + 500°C and for Class F, Class H or Class C rated equipment.

Electric Strength
CRM sleevings are available with electric strengths from 0.8kV to 10 Kv.

Wall thicknesses

CRM sleevings are available to meet 0.7mm and 1.0mm guaranteed minimum wall thickness requirements of British Standards for appliances.

Fire Resistance
CRMsleevings are available classed as non-flammable and as self extinguishing grades tested to UL 1441/VW

Chemical Resistance

CRM sleevings are in the main resistant to acids, alkalis, transformer coolants, fuels, lubricants and many other solvents.

Sleeving Categories

  • Heat Cleaned glass sleeving
  • Silicone coated glass sleeving
  • Silicone impregnated glass sleeving
  • Acrylic coated glass sleeving
  • Acrylic impregnated glass sleeving
  • Polyester Monofilament sleeving
  • Reflective Glass sleeving

Electrical Insulating Tapes

Cheshire Ribbon manufacture woven tapes made from either glass or polyester yarns as well as from combinations of different yarn types, e.g. glass/polyester, glass/aramid or glass/copper wire. We also manufacture tapes made from pre-shrunk or high-shrinkage polyester yarns.

Electrical woven tapes are used in a very wide range of taping applications, e.g. as a finishing layer, in electrical engineering and rotating machines as well as in the production of transformers.


  • Tapes for insulating, consolidating and finishing tapes in all types of electrical equipment
  • Tapes for use in power and communication cables as a fire barrier
  • Tapes especially used for hand taping where glass tapes could pose a risk of skin irritation
  • Tapes with open weave constructions for easy penetration of resin and oil
  • Tapes for use as fire barriers in fire survival cables for both power supply and communication purposes
  • Tapes capable of shrinkage for a better consolidation
  • Tapes which can be utilised in conjunction with resin rich mica paper prepregs to achieve a good consolidation and bonding
Electrical Insulation Textiles

Internal Fibreglass Reinforcing Mesh

The fibreglass plaster reinforcing mesh is ideal for reinforcing plaster particularly around openings or areas of traditional weakness.

Our mesh is made out of fibreglass fabric and can be used to stabilise unstable surfaces and cover and help prevent cracking. It has a flexible lattice made from special alkaline resistant woven glass-fibre yarns which offer incredible strength when embedded into wet basecoat plaster. This reinforcing mesh is both resistant and flexible and can be used on even and uneven surfaces.

Main Features:

* Great compatibility with the majority of plasters
* Very Durable
* Reliably strong tear resistance
* Flexible and pliable
* Easy and safe to use – only simple tools (scissors, utility knife) needed to work with our fibreglass mesh

Internal Fibreglass Reinforcing Mesh

External Reinforcing Fibreglass Mesh

Textile Technologies Europe Ltd manufactures render reinforcing mesh that is ideal for reinforcing external work particularly around openings or areas of traditional weakness. It can be used to stabilise unstable surfaces, cover and help prevent cracking. It is a flexible lattice made from special woven glass-fibre strands offering incredible strength when embedded into wet basecoat render.

The render reinforcing fibreglass mesh is made out of alkaline resistant glass yarns and has been tested to DIN EN ISO 13934-1 tensile strength standards.

Main features:

* Easy to install, especially for large surface areas
* Durable and Reliable : Resistant to chemical agents: free from corrosion and unaffected by alkali
* Light and easy to transport
* Adaptable to uneven surfaces
* Easy and safe to use – only simple tools (scissors, utility knife) needed to work with our fibreglass mesh

External Reinforcing Fibreglass Mesh

Fire Retardant Fiberglass Mesh

The Fire Retardant fibreglass mesh is almost identical in shape and characteristics to the internal plaster reinforcing mesh. However it has been specially treated for fire resistance whilst maintaining the existing qualities of standard fibreglass mesh. This fibreglass mesh is ideal for security concerned entrepeneurs and restorers. It can be used like any other mesh an does not need any special storage conditions or directions of use.

Main Features of our fire retardant glass fibre mesh:

* Fire Retardant treated: Non Combustible
* Compatibility with the majority of plasters
* Durable and Reliable : Strong tear resistance
* Flexible and pliable
* Easy and safe to use – only simple tools (scissors, utility knife) needed to work with our fibreglass mesh

Fire Retardant Fiberglass Mesh

Fibreglass Joint Tape

Our joint tape is woven from fibreglass bulk yarn coated with acrylic acid copolymer liquid and is therefore water, alkali and age resistant. The tape has high tensile strength, good dimensional stability, good elasticity, capillary action and corrosion resistance.

This tape is very strong and having a self adhesive layer on one side is easily used in various construction applications. These include reinforcing wall cracks, board cracks, plasterboard cracks and marble cement; in addition to repairing drywall joints. It can also be used to repair and support specific spots on glass fibre mesh fabrics. When combined with successive layers of drywall joint compound, the fibreglass mesh joint tape provides a very strong joint.

Main features of the Fibreglass Joint Tape:

* Self adhesive layer
* Easy to apply on joints
* Super-strong fibreglass strands
* Occasional Reparations made easy

Fibreglass Joint Tape

High Performance Textiles

Reflective Fire Protection Textiles
Cheshire Ribbon supply a wide range of high performance fabrics for use in the manufacture of personnel protection garments. All aluminised fabrics are now entirely produced using the latest solvent free technology. The fabrics are based on a range of substrates which include aramid, glass, Panox® and rayon in both woven and non woven form. This enables our fabrication team to create garments that are light weight, flexible and offer excellent radiant heat and molten splash protection.


  • Mitts, Gloves, Pads, Heat Shields
  • Jackets, Trousers, Hoods and Boots
  • Fire Approach and proximity suits
  • Aprons 

To obtain specific data sheets, please contact Cheshire Ribbon Manufacturing.

Non Woven Fabrics
Cheshire Ribbon supply a wide range of high performance needle mats which are used for making heat protective clothing, glove liners, cut resistant sleeves, fire blockers, weld splash protection and heat shields.

Thermal+ is a unique, high performance, heat resistant, light weight, flexible fabric for protective clothing applications. Available in 5 colours the high levels of performance combine dexterity and wearer comfort when hot objects are being handled.

It utilises a unique, organic composite construction combining the stability of woven fabric with the insulating high bulk, flexibility and low cost benefits of needle felt. An integral inner comfort lining of cooling FR Rayon reduces moisture build-up, thus eliminating the need for additional lining fabric in many applications.

High Performance Woven Fabrics
Cheshire Ribbon supply a wide range of high performance fabrics woven from Dref spun yarns. The Dref spinning process enables accurate engineering of yarns that will offer very high performance.


  • Industrial sealing
  • Heat protective clothing
  • Cut resistant clothing
  • Resin Reinforcement
  • Thermal Insulation
  • Electrolyser separators

Heat Resistant Fabrics (Aramid Glass- AG & Panox Aramid Glass - PAG)

Glass/Aramid Composites
Combining the use of glass filament core wrapped with an outer sheath of aramid fibre creates a composite structure allowing short term temperatures of up to 450 degrees C to be withstood. This is above the levels that can be tolerated by 100% pure aramid and therefore is an excellent fabric for personnel protective equipment applications.

Panox, Aramid and Glass Composites
By further engineering blends of fibres including Panox we can offer fabrics with exceptional heat resistance and metal splash shedding properties.

High Performance Textiles

Alumina-silica Fibre

Alumina-silica Fibre
Alumina Silica Fibre composes roughly of 70% Alumina and 30% Silica. The products/yarns are manufactured from 7 micron diameter filaments and are boron free. The 7 micron diameter ensure it maintains excellent flexibility and drapeability. Furthermore, its lack of Boron content ensures it has superior durability compared with other products presently available. Alumina Silica Fibre retails its mechanical strength close to 100% for temperatures up to 1200°C and can be used for applications close to 1395°C.

Alumina Silica Fibre products are available as woven cloth, braided sleeve, tape, rope, yarn and sewing thread.

Main Advantages

  • Excellent Thermal Resistance
  • Great Flexibility
  • Superior Thermal Insulation Properties
  • High Tensile Strength and modules
  • Superior Electrical Insulation Properties
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Does not absorb Moisture

Typical Physical Properties

Colour White
Fibre Form Continuous
Filament Diameter 7 m Ø
Chemical Composition 10% AL203, 30%Si02
Crystal Type gamma AL2 03
Density 2.9g /cm3
Tensile Strength 200kgf/mm2
Tensile Modulus 17,000 kgf/mm2

Typical Applications

  • Thermal Insulation rings for diffusion furnace in Semi-Conductor manufacturing process
  • Furnace Linings
  • Heat-shielding curtains
  • Thermal Insulation sealers or packing materials
  • Thermal insulation coverings for thermocouple, cable and wires
  • Roller covers for tempered glass plate manufacturing
  • Filters for melt aluminium
  • Spacers for heat treatment
  • Abrasives for plastic whetstone
  • Insulators around generator and aircraft/rocket engines
  • Catalyst carriers
  • Electrical and thermal insulators for Diesel particulate filter (DPF) system
  • Alumina-silica fibre reinforced plastics - Insulator and structural materials for cryogenic apparatus
  • Alumina-silica fibre reinforced metals

Matrices for ceramic composites

Alumina-silica Fibre

Hi Temp Sewing Threads

Hi Temp Sewing Threads
Cheshire Ribbon Manufacturing offer many types of high temperature sewing threads to suite a range of applications, heat resistance and strength variables. 

Temperature resistance

Nitivy ALF® alumino-silica
Extreme Temp Resistance

Stainless Steel
(Cotton covered available)
High temp resistance steel core combined with cotton covering designed to facilitate easier machine sewing

PTFE Coated Glass
Excellent temperature resistance combined with PTFE coating facilitate easier machine sewing

Inherently flame retardant and heat resistant with tough protective coating which resists abrasion during the sewing operation

Good temp resistance combined with superb tensile strength for easy machine sewing.

Hi Temp Sewing Threads

Bespoke Fabrication Service

Bespoke Fabrication Service
Cheshire Ribbon offer a full bespoke in-house fabrication service to make the following range of customised products:

  • Insulation Jackets
  • Disc and Collar Seals for silicon wafer furnaces
  • Oven and furnace door seals.
  • Welding blankets
  • Fire curtains,
  • Marine exhaust insulation jackets
  • Tadpole tapes
  • Connectors
  • Gaskets, joints, rings, paddings, sleeves, expansion joints.
  • Acoustic Mattresses
  • Gloves/Mittens
  • Flame blankets
  • Personal protection
Bespoke Fabrication Service

Commission Weaving

Commission Weaving
Cheshire Ribbon Manufacturing maintain a comprehensive narrow fabric weaving facility consisting of shuttle, bobbin and high speed needle looms capable of manufacturing webbings, tapes, belts and sleevings for a wide range of industrial and performance applications.

Products include:

  • Industrial insulation webbings, tapes and sleeving
  • Electrical insulation webbings, tapes and sleeving
  • Shuttle woven tapes and tubular sleeving
  • Belting for glass industries
  • High Performance webbings and belts

We currently commission weave for a number of European high temperature yarn producers typically using E glass, S2 Glass, Silica, Quartz, Ceramic, Basalt, para-aramid, meta-aramid, PBO®, Nomex®, ALF Alumina®, Nextel® and other special blended and chemically treated yarns.

Manufacturing Capacity:

Shuttle looms
Stipulated as the only looms able to weave a woven selvedge on both sides of the tape thus eliminating any ‘alien’ catch thread and ensuring total uniformity. This is essential for many critical end use materials such as those used in military, aerospace and other applications.

Needle looms
High Speed and economical for the majority of general industrial applications.

Excellent for weaving heavy grade, high tex glass and other air texturised yarns.

Commission Weaving

Stainless Steel and Aramid Knitted Sleeving

Stainless Steel and Aramid Knitted Sleeving
Cheshire Ribbon supply stainless steel and aramid knitted sleeves are characterized by an excellent elasticity, making them an ideal solution for sheathing.

Stainless Steel and aramid sleevings are used as sheathing of conveying cylinders in the flat glass industry, in particular preventing the hot glass from touching the rollers as well as being used for sheathing hose-pipes exposed to high temperatures.

Stainless Steel Knitted Sleeving

Temperature Resistance:
1400 degrees C fusion of stainless steel

Acid Resistance

Base Resistance:

Solvent Resistance

UV Resistance

Dielectric strength 

Aramid Knitted Sleeving

Temperature Resistance:
450 degrees C degradation of para-aramid fibre.

Acid Resistance

Base Resistance:

Solvent Resistance

UV Resistance

Dielectric strength

Stainless Steel and Aramid Knitted Sleeving

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Mosaic Tile Reinforcing Fibreglass Mesh

Our fibreglass mesh can also be used for the creation of mosaic patterns.

It can sometimes be very difficult to build a mosaic directly on a wall because the tiles might fall down as the glue doesn’t dry instantly, this is where our mesh fabric comes in handy. It will allow the user to work on a horizontal panel on the fibreglass cloth and craft the mosaic tiles into any pattern. It will then be possible to move the tiled fibreglass mesh to a vertical wall. The mosaic tiles will be securely attached to the fibreglass mesh sheet once the glue is dry and therefore enabling easy handling.

Our mosaic tile fibreglass mesh is thin, flexible and lightweight to help customers easily create detailed designs.

Mosaic Tile Reinforcing Fibreglass Mesh

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