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All Springs Are Not Equal

Wave Springs offer the unique advantage of space savings when used to replace coil springs. With their smooth, circular coiled sinusoidal wave form, and rolled round edges of pre-tempered wire, Smalley’s edgewound Wave Springs offer many advantages:

  • Reduced spring height by 50%
  • Same force and deflection as coil springs
  • Fit tight radial and axial spaces
  • Over 4,000 standard sizes in carbon and stainless steel.
  • No Tooling Charges for special designs
  • Exotic alloys for all environments

Spirolox Rings

Spirolox Rings are manufactured by coiling the ring from flat wire and have many advantages over stamped retaining rings/circlips.

Advantages of Spiral Retaining Rings

  • No gap – full 360° retaining surface
  • No Protruding lugs to interfere with mating components (uniform cross section)
  • Economically produced in stainless steel
  • Easy installation and removal (see guide below)
  • No tooling charges on custom designs
  • Available in a wide range of exotic materials and finishes
  • Special end configurations to suit your application

Our supply of spiral rings includes a bespoke service to meet your exact requirements and our expansive range is used in a number of industries including petrochemical, automotive and aerospace.

Spirolox Rings

Laminar Sealing Rings

Smalley Laminar Sealing Rings are a metallic labyrinth seal consisting of multiple rings in a groove.

Numerous configurations available
Produced from metal; not rubber, neoprene, or other non-metallic materials
Able to withstand high temperatures and corrosive environments
Standard sizes:
15mm to 1300mm / 5/8" to 50". Special seals manufactured with No-Tooling-Charges. Smalley’s Laminar Seal Rings are interchangeable with FEY Rings.

Laminar Sealing Rings

Threaded Fasteners

Within our eclectic supply of technical fasteners and standard fasteners range, we offer a wide variety of options in threaded fasteners. Our threaded fasteners are suitable for many applications. They are durable and professionally manufactured.


  • High tensile bolts and screws
  • Thread forming screws
  • Rivets
  • Flat washers
  • Nuts
  • Black and mild steel bolts
  • Toothed washers
Threaded Fasteners

Panel Fasteners

We are a leading supplier of a wide variety of technical fasteners to industry and manufacturing.

As part of our standard fasteners product range, we supply panel fasteners (wire and pipe), seals, disc springs, circlips and threaded fasteners. We also supply lubricants and binding substances.


A few examples of our extensive panel fasteners stock range include:

  • Plasti rivets
  • Rokut rivets
  • Micro push rivets
  • Fir tree fix
  • Drive fasteners
Panel Fasteners

Electronic Fasteners

Our global impact and variety of products and services includes distribution centres in the UK, Germany and France. From these bases, we provide fixing and fastening products such as electronic fasteners.


Our options in electronic fasteners include:

  • Spacer support (type 1 to 6)
  • Stand offwire ties
  • Neon lens clips
  • Stand off harness clips

Motion Fasteners

Our motion fasteners are high quality, low-cost products. They can be used individually or in conjunction with other product groups. These fasteners are ideal for solving an extremely wide variety of fixing, finishing and insulation applications.


Some of our motion fasteners include:


  • anti loss washers
  • captive plunger rivets
  • compression rings
  • cover plugs
  • dampers
  • hole plugs
  • knurled knobs
  • latch & strike
  • leg leveling grommet
  • Nylon insulation sleeves
Motion Fasteners

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