All Springs Are Not Equal
Wave Springs offer the unique advantage of space savings when used to replace coil springs. With their smooth, circular coiled sinusoidal wave form, and rolled round edges of pre-tempered wire, Smalley’s edgewound Wave Springs offer many advantages:

  • Reduced spring height by 50%
  • Same force and deflection as coil springs
  • Fit tight radial and axial spaces
  • Over 4,000 standard sizes in carbon and stainless steel.
  • No Tooling Charges for special designs
  • Exotic alloys for all environments 
Material Update for Our Smalley Products!

Material Update for Our Smalley Products!

Material Update for Our Smalley Products!

Industrial Grade MP35N has recently been added to the expansive list of materials with which our

Smalley flat wire products can be manufactured. This unique material was added because its superior strength and corrosion resistance make it an ideal option for our Aerospace, Medical and Petro-Chem customers.

MP35N contains a combination of nickel, cobalt, chromium and, molybdenum. Due to its ability to resist stress corrosion cracking, this material is NACE MR0175 approved and is also resistant to hydrogen sulfide, high temperature oxidation, salt water, mineral acids and hydrogen embrittlement.

Properties include:

• Ultra high strength

• High toughness and ductility

• Outstanding corrosion resistance

• Bio-compatibility

Potential Applications include:

• Petro-Chem equipment

• Aircraft and Aerospace components

• Orthodontic and Prosthetic devices

• Chemical and Marine equipment

For more information on this exclusive range please contact our Technical Department on +44 (0)1435 866011 or via   One of our team will be pleased to discuss your application.

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