The App Developers


We are great at building mobile apps & games but we also help you plan, perfect and launch your mobile app or game.

The number of mobile devices is growing, with current figures suggesting around 750,000 iOS devices and 1,500,00 Android devices are connected every 24 hours! That’s a huge, potentially NEW audience to try and reach every single day.

Here at The-app-developers, we specialise in mobile app development. It’s kind of out thing. Our geeky team of gaming legends, Redbull drinkers, app fanatics, overweight developers and egotistical designers are primed and ready to create magic.

Desktop App Development

Well we do, but those days are long gone thanks to the MacStore and Windows 8 Marketplace. It’s now very easy to get your desktop application or game seen by the masses and distribution is a piece of cake.

Some ideas and applications are just born to live on a desktop, and perhaps your app or game will just work better with a good old fashion mouse. Or maybe it needs a larger screen, or needs to be shown at exhibitions or perhaps it’s a compliment to the mobile app you already have and you want it available on all platforms and market places.

Desktop development is by no means dead. In fact, it’s at the beginning of a very geek and beautiful journey and will become a lot more popular in the next few years.

Our Work

We're perfectionists at heart, and creative by nature. 
For us, there's a sense of joy and excitement in challenging ourselves to push the limits of creative design, production and strategy for one shared goal: to create intuitive and pleasing apps. The result is a shelf stacked with products we can be proud to show off.

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