The Bath Sweep

Offering a professional, prompt and reliable service, I am a trained and fully insured sweep operating within a ten mile radius of Bath.

Why sweep a chimney?

Safety and efficiency! 

The Chimney Sweep's job is to ensure that the flue is clean and clear of any blockages. Obstructions can be caused by a number of reasons, the most common being soot, birds’ nests, bricks and even cobwebs!

An unswept chimney can become a serious risk to your home. Chimney fires are often caused by a buildup of soot, tars and resin, particularly if you burn wood.

The flues on gas fires should be checked regularly. A poorly ventilated gas appliance can allow dangerous carbon monoxide gas to enter your home. In high enough concentrations this invisible, odourless gas can be lethal.

When sweeping the chimney, the sweep also checks the structural safety of the chimney. Problems can include failing brickwork, mortar deterioration (pointing), broken, cracked or rotten pots, cracked or badly leaning stacks.

The Bath Sweep Overview