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Waterproof, rugged cases for protecting your electronic equipment whilst on site.

The Debug Store

The Debug Store supplies a range of useful development tools and electronic test equipment for the Electronic Design Engineer which have been carefully selected to offer you great value for money.

The Debug Store is owned by Great Western Microsystems Ltd, a company serving the embedded development community in the UK and Europe for over 20 years.

We are pleased to offer advise and can recommend suitable tools to solve your day to day development problems.  Just give us a call...

Host Adapters

The Host Adapter connects the host PC to another network or bus. We can provide you with Host Adapters to interface to CAN, GPIB (IEEE488), the I2C, JTAG, LIN and SPI busses.

The Host Adapter has driver software and application software included to facilitate driving the chosen bus or interface.

12C Host Adapters
JTAG Interface Host Adapters
LIN Bus Host Adapters
SPI Bus Host Adapters

Protocol Analysers

  • Avionics
  • Automation
  • Automotive - Transport
  • Communications
  • Digital Audio
  • IC Interface
  • Infrared
  • Memory Interface
  • Microprocessors
  • Networks
  • Optoelectronics
  • PC System
  • Power Interface
  • Simple Logic
  • Telecommunications
  • Wireless

Special Offers

Discontinued or shop soiled products at special prices

Automation Interfaces

Connect your Automation Controller to the outside world via Ethernet, RS-485 or CAN bus via an Automation Interface.

Boards - Controller

Embedded automation controllers for incorporating into your own equipment.

Boards - Interface

Connect your controller board to the outside world by an embedded Interface Board.

Boards - SOM

A System on a Module (SOM) allows powerful processing and software capabilities to be added to your own electropnic circuit design simply by plugging or soldering in a ready-tested module.  The cost saving of having to develop a high performance processor module and system softweare can be very significant.

Development Kits

If you plan to start using an unfamilar technology such as Ethernet, ARM Development, CAN or even a new Microchip PIC processor then buying a Development Kit is a great way to evaluate the technology and develop your initial prototype.  The Debug Store has an extensive range of Development Kits to get you started.


Emulators are designed to replace or emulate Memory Devices or Microcontrollers.  The Debug Store has a wide range of different equipment to emulate EPROM, emulate Flash EPROM, Emulate Microcontrollers or control JTAG connected target systems.

Equipment Transit Cases

Waterproof, rugged cases for protecting your electronic equipment whilst on site.

PC Development Tools

PC Development Boards including Adapters, Risers, Splitters, Extension Backplanes and PC Extender Boards.

Programmers - Device

The Debug Store offers a wide range of programmers from those offering excellent value to high performance gang programmers for mass production applications.  We are pleased to help you select the most appropriate programmer for your circumstances.

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