The Double R Company

Since 1973, Double R Controls Ltd has been designing, manufacturing, and installing web converting machinery for paper, plastic, foil and metal converters, including big multinationals based all around the world. The majority of our machines are bespoke to suit each customer’s individual technical requirements in order to achieve the highest productivity levels to suit the most stringent and demanding production environment. Double R Controls Ltd is a Worldwide Solution Provider to the Converting Industry. With a continuous strive for innovation, our equipment is packed with the latest technology, delivering accuracy and precision at all times.   

From a simple Two Station Spooler to a Holographic Embosser, our range of machines incorporates the most basic piece of equipment to a much more complex system. From a separate new unit to a full line, the possibilities are endless and that is why, we believe that we can turn your project from “Concept to Reality”!

Embossing Machines

Double R Henderson (part of the Double R Group) is a  world leader in the design and manufacture of Embossing Machines (including Holographic Embossers), Coating & Laminating equipment and other special units. We have been supplying custom built machines to handle a variety of materials such as PET, plastic, films, papers, foil, aluminium sheet, steel strip, and much more!

We have supplied machines to many of the world's leading multinationals within the packaging, labelling, pharmaceutical, toiletries, textile and other various steel and plastic industries. We also designed and manufactured fully customised solutions to some of the governmental and commercial organisations within the safety/identity and copyright protection industries.

Depending upon the machine requirements, embossing machines of up to 200 tonne nip pressure can be manufactured and variations of steel-rubber, steel-superelastic and steel-steel mating rolls are all within our range of machines. We are also able to manufacture and supply a complete range of embossing rolls and dependent upon the specifications, we can also produce engraved rolls by a number of different techniques including mill engraving, print laydown and acid etching. We also have the expertise to produce matched steel mating embossing rolls, giving a perfect male and female matched fit and optimum embossing definition.

It has been our prime intention to offer our customers a well-engineered high-quality and cost effective equipment. Our continuous search for improvement and innovation in the design and performance of our machines, combined with a highly skilled and professional team of engineers has enabled us to always offer our customers the most effective and suitable solutions.

Embossing Machines


Since the late 1980’s Double R Controls Ltd has become the worlds leading supplier of the Wide Web Hologram Embossing Machines. We have supplied hologram embossing machines to most of the world leaders in the field and are constantly striving to develop new technology to keep pace with the greater demands on image quality and production capacities. Our hologram embossing machines can run a number of different substrates including PET, OPP and paper and they have been supplied to both the packaging and security industries.


Metal Embossing

Double R Controls Ltd, acting as Pamarco Global Graphics’ agent (through Double R Henderson), are able to offer the full range of Memco Steel Embossing Machines for the Steel Texturizing Industries. Memco, steel embossing machines range from 10 ton to 350 ton applied nip load, and are available to handle from 0.1 mtr to 4.0 mtr strip widths.

The steel embossing equipment is suitable for embossing aluminium, stainless steel, non ferrous and either untreated, galvanised, or coated strip. The versatility of the steel embossing equipment is such that a complete out of line machine with dedicated uncoiler, embosser and recoiler can be offered, or an embossing machine can be introduced into leveler, slitting, cut to length and roll forming lines.

Metal Embossing

Coating Machines

Double R Controls Ltd are able to offer a wide range of coating and impregnating machines. Our coating machine range includes Knife over roll coaters, Reverse roll coaters, Gravure coaters, Air knife coaters and Meyer bar coaters, all custom designed and built to suit the customers requirements.

In most instances a coating machine will require an in-line drying system and we have supplied many various designs dependant on the production requirements, substrate and coating to be dried. Examples of just some of the types of dryers we have provided for our coating machines are Air impingement, Infra red, UV curing and Air flotation.

Coating Machines

Unwind and Rewind stands

The Double R Group range of unwind and rewind units are designed and manufactured to suit customer preferences allied with process requirements. All the unwind and rewind units are designed with ease and safety of reel handling as high priority elements.

Our range of unwind and rewind stands are suitable for use with a wide variety of materials from 10 micron film and foils through to heavy board and thermoplastic materials and with widths ranging from 200mm to 2500mm and over.

Dependant upon requirements, we can offer Braked, Driven, Single or Multistation unwind and rewind units. Shafted, shaftless, turret, single drum and double drum are all within our portfolio.

Automatic tension and guiding are standard or optional on all units.

Unwind and Rewind stands

Spoolers/De-Spoolers/ Traverse Winding Systems

Manufacturers of equipment to Spool / Traverse Wind / Level Wind a full range of flexible packaging materials

These include holographic tapes, security products down to 1 mm wide, silicone release liners both film and paper, VHB tapes incorporating a wide release liner, tear tapes, aluminium polyester tapes, water-blocking tapes, nonwoven materials, Nomex, Kapton, MOPP carry handles, foam materials both adhesive and non adhesive, hot stamping foils, adhesive labels, plain paper, steel strips, copper strips, metallised yarns, carbon fibre and glass fibre pre-preg materials incorporating a silicone release liner and many others.

Unique Traversing Mechanism

The spooling equipment manufactured by Double R Controls uses our unique traversing winding mechanism that makes no side contact with the material, reducing the possibility of damage during the spooling process.


Trim Spooling

Equipment is available for spooling / traverse winding trims, either coreless or on a cardboard or plastic core.

Wide Range of Materials

The techniques used on equipment manufactured by Double R Controls enable us to process both adhesive and non-adhesive materials.

Computer Control

Computer control is a standard feature of our spooling equipment that enables the spooling characteristics to be saved and downloaded at a later date, therefore reducing downtime.

Concept proof by demonstration

We have a wide range of equipment in our factory to demonstrate your product being spooled.

Fast Unloading

For small diameter spooled packages, facilities are available for automatically unloading the finished spools. This technique is particularly useful when processing 6,000 and 12,000 metre long x 1.6 mm to 6 mm wide tear tape spools.

Typical Application for High Productivity Spooling

With the novel and unique techniques advocated by Double R Controls, our equipment is capable of processing materials over the width range of 0.17 mm (typically metallised polyester) up to a width of 150 mm (typically a foam material for diapers).
The equipment is also capable of spooling plain paper, which is particularly fragile and cannot accept any side contact. All industries can benefit from spooled products if their process is using material over the width range 0.17 mm to 150 mm.
Both adhesive and non-adhesive materials can be spooled on open cores or, if required, flange cores (bobbins).

Spoolers/De-Spoolers/ Traverse Winding Systems

Electric Infrared Equipment for use in Industrial Processes

Heater Enclosures

Short wave, medium wave fast response, medium wave and long wave heater enclosures are manufactured to suit the particular process requirements.

Control System

Control systems are manufactured in-house to operate in conjunction with the particular type of infrared equipment used.

Industrial Process Simulator

A standard industrial process simulator is available to allow customers to evaluate the optimum wavelength of infrared energy for their particular process.

Infrared Blown Bulb Module

To accelerate the curing process, in many instances equipment is only required to simulate a sunny day. With the use of the specially frosted face blown bulbs, low intensity short wave infrared energy can be used to optimise the process requirements.

Muffle Heater

A short wave, high intensity muffle heater is a standard piece of equipment for processing products of small diameter.

Typical Applications

Infrared energy can be used in virtually any industry that requires heating, drying or curing of a process. Infrared energy can be used on both regular flat products as well as irregular products, by using the correct control philosophy.

Industries that can benefit from the use of Infrared energy:

Wallpaper Industry:
• Drying mica coatings
• Print drying
• Water based adhesive coating & drying   

Automotive Industry:
• Paint drying
• Under seal drying
• Adhesive curing
• Moulding plastic ancillary components

Cable Industry:
• Curing cable coatings
• Drying print on cables

Plastics Industry:
• Moulding headliners for cars
• Sign manufacture

Textile Industry:
• Cotton and synthetic wadding
• Latex drying
• Print drying

Packaging Industry:
• Print drying
• Adhesive coating pre-heating
• Lacquer drying
• Activating laminating adhesives

Electric Infrared Equipment for use in Industrial Processes

A Frame Folders

CF125 A-Frame Folder

A precision machine robustly constructed for maximum rigidity. The 40 mm thick side frames are precision ground and jig bored for optimum accuracy, and the side frames are held together by spigot located stay tubes to obtain the rigidity.

The unwind section of the unit, which is manufactured from 40 mm thick side frames and held together by spigot located stay tubes, support the unwind reel on a pneumatic expanding mandrel. The mandrel has deep grooved bearings fitted to it and is retained in position by quick release eccentric clamps. The unwind carriage with integral guiding roller, is supported on 40 mm diameter linear ball bushings for optimum guiding efficiency. The pneumatically operated disk brake is incorporated into the unwind carriage assembly, and is coupled to the unwinding reel by a nylon drive dog.

A DC motor driven hardened ball screw is an integral part of the unwind carriage to optimise the guiding system. An error signal from a photoelectric edge detector provides the input signal to the guiding control electronics, which converts this signal to drive the DC motor, which in turn corrects the material alignment error. The material, on leaving the unwind carriage and guiding roller, passes around a tension sensing compensating roller and then over two rollers providing an inspection path.

A dancer roller technique is used to eliminate any tension changes in the material through the machine due to lobbing unwinding reel. The precision A-Folding Frame, which can be air lubricated or covered with a low co-efficient material, folds the material in the required position, which is maintained by the edge guiding system.

The folded material passes between two dynamically balanced rollers and then around a further two rollers, before leaving the A-Frame Assembly to enter into the next process. All rollers are dynamically balanced to ensure that no vibration occurs even when operating at high speeds. The complete A-Frame unit sits on a bed plate that is robustly constructed and ground to maintain the alignment accuracy of the complete unit.

The bed plate is designed with suitably sized slots for accepting the forks of a standard fork lift truck to enable the complete unit to be easily positioned behind various equipment to increase the versatility of the assembly. When used in conjunction with a DRC Rewinder, all electrical and pneumatic signals are provided by the Rewinder.

The unit can be supplied as a stand alone unit, which would then have all necessary electrical signals provided from within the A-Frame Folder. It would then only be necessary to connect the appropriate electrical and pneumatic supplies.

ATR-A-F (Automatic – Turret Rewinder & A-Frame Folder)

These machines are for the conversion of a large filmic product range and boast the following features: Machine speeds of 600mpm. Vertical lift shaftless unwind (reduces space required), air lubricated A-frame folding unit for centre-folds and variations of, automatic turreting rewinds (shaftless rewinding) with high speed flying splice. These units also come with an automatic finished roll off-load, and a roll transfer unit.

A Frame Folders

Ancillary & Converting Equipment

Double R Controls Ltd provides an extensive range of Specialist Converting Equipment such as Die Cutters, Core Cutters, Passport Label Applicators. The Die Cutters can be designed in a linear or rotary system depending on your technical requirements of your project.  The unit can be supplied as a single standalone piece of equipment complete with its electrical and mechanical components or it can be integrated into your existing line. Our range of Die Cutting machines can handle a wide variety of materials and are designed to operate in fast paced production environment. These units are custom built to suit your main specifications. They generally would incorporate a magnetic die cutting cylinder and we would supply shims with the equipment to create your required cutting shape.

Furthermore, all DRC manual Core Cutters utilize the same free running, rotary knife principal providing clean burr cut cardboard cores up to 15mm/0.6" wall thickness, quickly and efficiently. All of our Core Cutters, like the 1600-CC, can be supplied in both bench-top or floor mounted format, with fixed speed and 230 volt mains supply.

The Double R Group range of ancillary equipment is extremely comprehensive and extends from the smaller items such as coating blades, safety chucks, hydraulic power packs, control panels, edge trim and slitting systems through to the larger units some of which are illustrated.

Ancillary & Converting Equipment

The Double R Company Overview