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The Electric Gate Shop supply access control systems to both public and trade, throughout the UK and
Ireland. Our range of iron gates and gate automation can be issued on both residential and commercial properties.  

Our electric sliding gates kits are designed to make an existing sliding gate open and close automatically. A flat gear or rack attaches to the side of the gate and the pinion gear on the motor winds the gate open and closed.

Electric Gates

The Electric Gate Shop are a small Yorkshire based company specialising in the supply of gate automation equipment.   We are independent of any single supplier, and import electric gate kits direct from several leading manufacturers in Italy. 98% of our products are bought direct from the source of manufacture, and are chosen for their reliability and unique features. 

Above Ground Automation

The Electric Gate Shop can supply a wide range of gate automation systems (electric gate kits) for aboveground use. We offer both high and low voltage kits. All our electric gates come with comprehensive fitting instructions and free technical help prior to, during and post fitting. If you have a particular requirement, please e-mail us and we will suggest a gate automation kit with the exact specification to suit your needs. 

Underground Gate Automation

The Electric Gate Shop can supply a large range of gate automation motors for underground use. Kits range from small domestic setups to huge industrial twin swing gates. Underground gates to fit flush with ground, kept out of sight and ideal for gates in a tight spot. 

5 Bar Gates - Electric Gate Single

5 Bar Gates - Single Farm Gate Opener Systems

We supply a wide range of gate automation systems for five bar estate gates or large single farm gates. All our single gate kits come as standard with a Viro V96 electric lock.

The electric lock protects the motors from being forced and adds extra security to the system. "If it needs it we include it".

Electric Gate Wheel Drive Kits

All our electric gates come with comprehensive fitting instructions and free technical help prior to, during and post fitting.  If you have a particular requirement, please e-mail us and we will suggest a gate automation kit with the exact specification to suit your needs.


Solar Powered Gate Opener

We offer a wide range of 12v solar gate opener systems for above ground and underground use.  All these systems can be battery powered, and the battery charged via a solar panel.


Sliding Gate Hardware

We stock full hardware kits for sliding gates , and a wide range of sliding gate rollers, track and hardware associated with sliding gates and electric swing gates

Swing Gate Hardware

Please visit our website to view our range of swing gate hardware.

Cantilever Gates Kits

A Cantilever Sliding Gate will remove the need for tracking along the length of the opening. A cantilever gate is suspended over the entrance with horizontal posts. Cantilever gates are quieter than the traditional floor track systems.

Industrial Electric Gates

Visit our website for our range of industrial electric gates opener systems. The motors we use are of exceptional quality oil submerged for cooling and lubrication.

Entry Barriers - Automatic

The Electric Gate Shop offer electric entry barriers, also known as car parking barriers, automatic barriers, lift up barriers or access barriers.

We currently supply 4m fast opening parking barriers & 6m entry barrier kits with all the usual entry/safety devices, including inductive loop readers and twin inductive loops. 

Safety and Security Equipment

The Electric Gate Shop supply high quality safety and security equipment, including:

  • Warning beacons
  • Infrared photo cell beams
  • Anti vandal photocells
  • Photocell posts

Please visit our website for more information.

Safety Edges

Safety contact edges or rib edges as they are commonly known, are used to guard against possible crushing or shearing points on electric gates and barriers. They can be used on sliding and swing gates at any point where movement and the risk of crushing needs to be addressed. We also have safety edges up to 6 meters in length to specifically suit items such as traffic barriers.

CMO Safety Edges are CE marked and manufactured in Italy. They comply to EN12978/2003-2005 and EN ISO13849-2

Our Wireless Safety Edge system can be used so that the active rubber edge is carried on the gate itself and the cut off signal is carried to the main controller wirelessly. Compliance with gate and door standard EN-13241-1:2003 and EN12453, certified by approved laboratory to EN-954-1 standard, Cat. 2 


In our accessories section you will find the vehicle induction loop presence detector or inductive loop, along with the very versatile stainless steel anti vandal keypad, timers and many other items.

The keypads we offer can be used as a standalone device or connected directly to an electric gate. 

Gate Keypad

The Electric Gate Shop supple a range of gate keypads. Please visit our website for more information.

Proximity Reader

Manufactures of proximity readers include CDVI, Bewater, CDV, Easiprox, FAAC, Came, BPT, Nortech, Paxton OEM, Videx, Daitem, Logisty, Gem, Dortag, Farfisa, Genie etc.

You can use any of these systems with any of the kits offered by The Electric Gate Shop or our competitors. Card readers offer great convenience and flexibility with a medium to high security level. The Electric Gate Shop Ltd offer many variants available in a compact style or with remote secure electronics.

To open the gate / door you can hold up a tag, or card or both. The long range card doubles the effective range. 

Intercom Systems - Wired

All the door phones listed on our website can also be used for standalone operation to operate electric door strikes on pedestrian gates (Viro V90 electric lock), or gate automation or both. To control the electric gate opening they connect to the switch input in the gate control box (interconnection diagram supplied). 

Please visit our website for more information.

Wireless Door Phones


We supplye Daitem wireless door phones that are wireless from the gate to the property and, although they are at a premium price, the time and fuss saved laying hardwired systems make them very cost effective option. Typical range 150m.

It is possible to increase the range of the unit by extending the wire between the call station and the transmitter box. You can buy with the confidence that if you are not satisfied with the reception you can return the unit to us for a full refund.

All our wireless intercoms come with instructions of how to integrate them to open doors, locks and automatic gates. These three function units will operate a main set of gates and an electric lock like our Viro V90, at the same time. 

Electric Gate Lock

The Electric Gate Shop have put together a fine selection of electric gate locks / electronic gate lock. The Viro V90 & V96 are the industry standard for electric gates. The V90 for horizontal mounting on a single gate, and the V96 smaller more compact version for floor mounting vertically on twin or pedestrian gates, or vertical mounting on 5 bar wooden estate gates.   

Gate Remote

The Electic Gate Shop can supply gate remote controls that replace many existing gate and garage remotes, by copying/cloning the existing ones.

Many remote controls for electric gates and automatic garage doors use dip switch codes, 10 and 12 dip binary with 1024 and 4096 code combinations. Our self learning remotes or zappers as they are sometimes known, can clone and reproduce the same code from your old gate remote control if it is 433 MHZ.

If your remote control does not appear in the list below, please contact us. Even if your remote control is obsolete we can supply a universal radio receiver unit that will control your existing automation unit. (Requires some LV wiring)  

GSM Remote Control

The DIAL2OPEN GSM-64 is a gsm remote control system for the control and operation of gates, garage doors and electronic locks via mobile phone or landline.

The SYSTEM will accept/identify with up to 64 different landline or mobile phone numbers, which can be programmed via SMS TEXT or web text as secure caller ID.

This product is ideal for domestic properties where a mobile phone or local landline can be used to control access. It also offers remote opening from anywhere on the globe so the owner can let workmen and visitors in while away. 

Electric Garage Door Opener

Electric garage door openers are suitable for automating existing garage doors.

The Speedy 80 garage door operator for fully retractable up and over or sectional garage doors with horizontal tracks inside garage and springs behind door frame side posts. 

Please visit our website for more information.

Electric Gates Spare Parts

We supple a wide range of gate motors as spare parts. We carry large stocks of gate openers we have previously sold so that your gate system should it ever become damaged or broken, can be repaired cost effectively.

We are also proud to carry stocks and we continue to supply the electric gate opener industry where there is demand for parts from current, obsolete or maybe a de-funct company. Included in this section are gate parts from Boss Automation, Wrought Iron, Wolverhampton Doors,, WDS Autogate, Macs Solutions and Coel Automate.

Control Panels

The Electric Gate Shop are the main stockist for Saimatic PM 8000 and CTR17- gate control panels. We also offer the PM 10000, PM8100 and CTR32- gate controllers that have the slowdown feature along with self learning for single and twin gates. The CTR19- is usually used for the Veloce swing arm system.

There are many electric gate systems from the company, Boss Automation, still in service today that you may need spares for. Examples are the Plug and Press system from Boss. We can usually find replacement compatible parts for this kind of gate automation. 

Please visit our website for more information.

Ask the Experts?

Gate automations? The Electric Gate Shop are here to help!

For the last decade we have been supplying gate automation equipment.

We buy, we test, we fit, we monitor, we test again, we sell (only if we are satisfied with the results).

All our staff have fitted the products we sell, and understand the difference between a good system and a bad one.

Please visit our website for more information.

Follow the enquiry link below.

P.S. This service is free, and you have no obligation to buy any of our products.  

Impact Gate Force Test Equipment

Gate installers wishing to comply with the machinery directive need an impact force tester.

The measure the force of the gates you must use a force test gauge that fully complies with the EN12445 Standard. 

A gate installer that tests the forces will provide a report showing all forces are within the safe parameters of the machinery directive (If not additional work may be done to bring down the forces).

It means that when you installled the gate or gates the impact forces were within the required parameters and you have the documentation to prove this.  

The Electric Gate Shop Ltd offer impact force testers and range of reduced price safety edges that fully comply to the EN12445 machinery directive.  

Adjustable Bracket

We supply a fully adjustable heavy duty electric gate bracket.

Designed for easier and stronger installations of aboveground gate motors and actuators.


  • 6mm plate to give exeptional strength.
  • Bolt together construction no welding.
  • Saves time adapting brackets.
  • Bracket can be made from one piece or three depending on requirements.
  • Zinc plated to give good corrosion resistance.  

Please visit our website for more information.

Electric Folding Gates

Please visit our website to view our range of electric folding gates.

Electric Driveway Gates

Chatsworth - Electric Driveway Gates

Gate Features:

  • Highest quality steel and heavyweight frame.
  • Standard sizes in stock.
  • 6 different designs to choose from.
  • Wrap around hinges.
  • Automation ready  

Bedside Sliding Cargo Tray

Bedslide Sliding Cargo Tray - A device that moves the cargo or load usually from a pick up truck or van to rear of the vehicle for easy reach. The main purpose of a Sliding Cargo Tray :-

  • Safety - To avoid an operator having to climb into the rear of a vehicle un-aided.
  • Speed - It allows the user to work more efficiently thus achieving more output.
  • Efficiency - It brings the full load carrying capacity of the pick up or van into use.  

Please visit our website for more information.

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