The Flyscreen Company Ltd


We manufacture and supply a wide range of commercial flyscreens for doors and windows to suit your requirements. Our commercial flyscreens are made to measure to the measurements you supply and delivered ready to fit. Our range of screens include hinged window and door screens, heavy duty commercial sliding screens, Insect Panel Curtains, Roller Screens for windows and doors, chain screens and insect screen components including insect mesh and cladding mesh rolls.

Insect Mesh and Cladding Mesh

We have a wide range of insect mesh and cladding mesh products that offer protection from insects, pests and birds. Insect mesh and cladding mesh are available in a variety of narrow and standard-width rolls in a range of different materials. Standard Insect Mesh is made of woven fibreglass yarn, coated in PVC. It is non-combustible, will not rust, discolour or stain, is durable and easy to work with. Insect mesh on standard width rolls is ideally suited to screening doors and windows. Cladding Mesh rolls are designed for use with timber cladding and other ventilated rainscreen systems, where an insect screen or mesh is specified to stop insects entering the air space behind the cladding.

Domestic and Office Use Products

We have a wide range of domestic and office use products that allow fresh air ventilation, provide protection against flying insects and are unobtrusive. Our bespoke range of domestic and office screens can be made to measure to the dimensions you provide and supplied ready for you to fit, or some window and door screens are available in DIY Kit form. Our products are simple to fit and easy to remove for cleaning

Industrial Flyscreens

Our industrial flyscreens are suitable for warehouses, factories and loading bays: they provide natural ventilation and protection from flying insects, birds and dust. The versatile industrial flyscreens are available in a range of materials and are custom made to meet your requirements.

ViiFire Door and Servery Hatch Curtains

The ViiFire door and servery hatch curtains comply with all fire and smoke containment regulations. The ViiFire door and servery hatch curtains provide an automatic roller fire screen system that remains hidden until it is activated. The screens facilitate interior design with out the obstruction of traditional fire doors, allowing you to maximise space and give free rein to the layout of office, reception, hallways, corridors, living and communal areas at work and home.

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