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You'll like The Fuelcard People. Because we're friendly and always there for our members. We're dedicated to achieving great savings for them all on all their diesel (derv) and petrol needs. More than just savings off their fuel bills:

Service, savings and security, saving them time and paperwork too, through great service. And saving them the worry of guarding against fraud.

It's a relationship that starts with ensuring you get the right fuel cards to match your business operations. Our fuel cards are accepted at BP, Esso, Shell, Texaco Fastfuel, Total, Q8, Gulf, Spot, Murco, CPL and Watson Conoco Jet, Morrisons, Somerfield service stations and Moto motorway filling areas, as well as on the Diesel Direct and UK Fuels networks.

The right fuels, including market leading products like Shell FuelSave, and refuelling network, for your vehicles and routes.

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BP Plus Bunker Diesel Fuel Card

90% of people live within 5 miles of a BP site

The BP Plus bunker card from The Fuelcard People gives access to one of the UK's most recognised branded networks for refuelling, quality service, discounted diesel and facilities and convenience.

Accepted across BP's 1200+ service stations, the ideal solution for business's with mixed fleets, including HGV, LCVs and Vans, that are looking for a great network in and around towns and cities on the major road networks and motorways. All at below pump prices.

Shell CRT (euroShell) Discount Diesel Fuel card

For QUALITY diesel refuelling at a fixed rate across the UK

Shell's renowned ultra low sulphur diesel (derv) and Shell FuelSave with performance additives can deliver improved fuel economy, lower exhaust emissions, cleaner refuelling,and added protection and longevity for your fleet - and all available at a low fixed weekly price.

Across the UK - The Shell CRT (EuroShell) Discount Diesel Fuelcard is accepted at all Shell service stations, with additional discounts available at a nationwide network of 450 HGV-friendly Shell Service Stations (Core Sites). This includes approximately 40 Shell motorway service areas, many of which are open 24 hours a day.

FREE notification of fixed weekly diesel prices...

ESSOCARD - Discount Fuel Card Solutions

We have the Esso business fuel card that suits you and your fleet best.

Choice of TWO fuel cards for your business with competitive fuel prices and convenient locations:

Option 1 - Esso Commercial Diesel Fuel card

Option 2 - Esso Multi Network Diesel & Petrol Fuel card

Texaco fastfuel Petrol and Diesel Fuel card

The nationwide card for real discounts on petrol and diesel**

For vans, HGVs and cars - whether you've three, twenty-three or more vehicles in your fleet - your business can save on its diesel and petrol costs, time and hassle NOW. And there's no complicated conditions.

Just look at what a Texaco Fastfuel fleet fuel card from The Fuelcard People can give you and your business

Diesel Direct (Keyfuels) Fuel Card

Avoid high pump prices at the UK's largest diesel bunker network.

No more low quality diesel fuel, high price garages for diesel refuelling. The future is smart forecourts, and efficient service combined with better fleet cost management and significant savings on your diesel/derv - with the Diesel Direct (Keyfuels) fuel card and site network.

UK Fuels Discount Diesel Bunker Fuel Card

Great site locations, account management, quality fuel and meeting our customers' expectations - that's the UK Fuels card from The Fuelcard People

The UK Fuels fuel card from The Fuelcard People offers a network of approximately 750+ discounted UK Fuels sites nationwide, in urban areas as well as major routes where you can fill up with diesel.

Of these 750+, multiple quality brands available for you to use, including: ALL Morrisons & Somerfield supermarkets as well as selected BP, Shell, Texaco, UK Fuels & Total sites.

Even having selected Moto service stations giving you some ideal motorway options.

TOTALCARD - The Total Fuel Card

Improve the efficiency of your business and your fleet

When it comes to fuel cards, it makes sense to choose a card that gives you more. TOTALCARD is accepted at over 3,000 sites in the UK including BP and Shell, one of the largest fuel acceptance networks in the country. So with TOTALCARD, your drivers are never far from a convenient place to stop and refuel.

Competitive pricing - fixed national weekly price for diesel and petrol at all Total service stations.

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